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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zoë update!

I am officially saying, "Zoë is potty trained!"

As exciting a time this is it also makes my heart sad just a little.

You see, Zoë is my last one... We don't have any major plans of hearing the sound of 'pitter patter, pitter patter, fumble patter' anytime soon... We had a plan but then we bought a house! *L* Not only bought one, but built one! Ha, Ha, Ha.... Who knows what the future brings 'cause we don't! :P

Anyways, I'm SOOOOOOOO happy not to have to worry about changing diapers, pull-up's whatever anymore. I'm very thrilled that I now may be able to search for my gum without having to haul out a package of wipes, pull-up's, etc.

But I am slightly sad in the thought that my littlest one (my 'baby') is growing up so quickly just like her sister! *L* And I think Zoë can sense this as she finds the time in her crazy toddler filled schedule to give me a hug, kiss and whisper "I'm your baby Mommy!"


BUT on the other hand... It only took 2 years 9 months to have Zoë potty trained! Day and Night. That's the exact same amount of time it took to have Emma potty trained for day and night....

I'm thinking this in itself is a great accomplishment....




Anonymous said...

that's awesome! and sad, too. but mostly awesome. i can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Rhonda said...

Ok, the picture with those words are SO FUNNY! I use to always tell my husband, "hey, I gave birth!" For all those times he tried to tell me I should do this or do that... because he had done this or does that.

I would just spit it out... "hey, I gave birth!"

Enough said.