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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ear Aches, Hair Color, Foot Pains and Little Monkeys!

Hello All!
Sorry that it's been awhile since I've had the chance to update my blog... Things have been a little insane over here... I'll start with this blog and write another one later about what has taken most of my time...

Are you ready?
Yes, that's right... My hair is purple! Funny thing really... Family photos was a week and a half away and I had just told Tyler that I was going to color my hair a 'natural color' for the photos (which are being sent to everyone we know with our new address and such...) and then Chelsey over at Rice Photography asked if I would do a photo shoot for her the upcoming Saturday... What do I do? Color my hair a funky purple! *LOL* It took me a few days to realize just exactly what I had done... So purple hair for the family photos it is!!

In the wee hours (and I mean wee hours) of Sunday the 13th Daddy took Emma to the emergency for a ear infection. Poor kid was screaming and crying once it was bedtime! My heart ached hearing her.... So Daddy packed her up with the PSP and a movie and off they went! Amazingly they were back home on about an hour and a half! Apparently when you take a little kid in they boost you on the list a little and when you mention 'ear infection' they send you to a different area where only a pediatrician works! Go figure! Sunday morning I got up and bought Emma her much needed med's... Things have been much quieter since! *L* (AND we made it to our last day of Church in our current ward! Boo Yah!)

Monday Tyler came home with this....
Taken April 15th @ 1:32am
Wait for it....
There we go!
Taken April 15th @ 1:32am
Poor guy...
Taken April 15th @ 1:33am
Taken April 15th @ 6:59pm
Taken April 15th @ 7:00pm

So long story short, he sprained his ankle... I should take a new photo... Blood is breaking under the skin everywhere... When he wraps it his toes do that Fred Flintstone thing...
He went to the Doctor after work on Monday and has been placed on light duty at work (erasing marks off papers before they're filed... Yippee! :P) until sometime next week.
Could this happen at any better of a time?
I'm very thankful that it happen this week (although I would have loved it to never have happened!) and not next week as this weekend we take possession of our new home and will be painting our girls walls (two different colors with a chair rail in between!!!) and cleaning, tinting and sealing our basement floor. Next week is the big move and I need Tyler to be in his best health (feet included) to move everything!
Taken April 15th @ 7:01pm
Taken April 15th @ 7:02pm
Oh there we go! I forgot I had this on here... It's now like this everywhere on his foot!
Taken April 15th @ 7:02pm
(This photo reminded me of when Zoë was little and had pudgy feet! *L* Without the bruising and blood stuff going on...)

And tonight I went to see what the girls were up to in the room and this is what I came across...
Yeah... Lucky that thing is stable! Goodness!
Mommy wasn't very happy. They started to get down once they saw me in the room but, to their surprise, I said 'STAY!' and ran upstairs to grab Tyler's cell phone so he could see what his little monkeys had been doing... (He's been hanging out on the couch for the last few days and only moving if he really needs to! *L*)...
I do have to give the girls credit when they were getting down... Emma said 'Big girls first!' and then climbed down the side onto her end table and onto her bed all while Zoë waited patiently... then Zoë climbed down the side onto the end table and down to the floor.
So this is a quick update of how our life has been.... Oh wait! The house we're living in officially sold on Monday! We had the inspector here Saturday (this story deserves it's very own blog!)... Things went really well (obviously) and we did family photos out in Leduc Saturday! I'll post some of those soon!
Okay that's all for now! *L* Hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment... Ya know...If you feel like it...Or something... Nothing negative about how I'm a bad Mommy for telling my kids to 'STAY' instead of rushing over and hauling them off the shelf please. Thanks!


Sarah said...

Bad mommy....

Okay, now that's over. Hahaha! I love the photos of the girls in the shelf...this is very amusing.

OUCH! Tyler's foot looks icky!! Poor guy!

Yup, your life is a neverending whirlwind. But hey, would you have it any other way?? Who needs to relax!? bah!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Eeek! Poor Tyler's ankle!

That's actually a great shot of your girls up on that thing. We have those shelves too -- are yours from Ikea? They're very sturdy!

How exciting about everything with your house happening so quickly now: selling, getting posession, yay!

And cool hair :)

Rhonda said...

That looks so painful.

The ankle that is.

Your hair, on the other hand, is AWESOME! Love it. My Annelise does funky things to her hair all the time. I am of the philosophy that hair grows back, so have fun.