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Thursday, April 3, 2008


Oh yes... And they're nice!
I took the girls over to Toys R' Us and let them pick out the car seat of their choice (within a bunch that I placed on the floor for them to choose from.... Lets not get crazy here!! *L*)...
Zoë was first... She was debating between the

Hard choice! The brown and pink is adorable while she's used to the Eddie Bauer one is like the one she's grown up with.
After much testing (even Emma helped out here) and going back and forth on our decision Zoë chose the Eddie Bauer one. This was also after I mentioned that the cushions that she would be leaning against when she fell asleep had more foam on the Eddie one than the Alpha one... She was sold! *L* (We no longer use the head rest thing that holds it in place when you're an infant... I'm sure you can all guess what I'm talking about).
Then it was Emma's turn! She was deciding between the


Now... The Evenflo one come with 'activity lights' on both sides of the head so she'd be able to read books, color, etc. while on trips on just on our usual trip back and forth from the city on the highway... It also comes with cup holders and snack holders all in one! BUT the Turbobooster has flowers on it!!! Humm...
She chose the Evenflo Booster Seat! *L* And in that exact color. There was a beige/brown/tan one but she didn't want it!
An extra bonus:
The wonderful women working in the Babies R' Us section allowed me to Register for a Baby Registry so I could save five bucks on Emma's chair (heck, why not??!)... So in case you were all wondering, my due date is tomorrow! *L* Just in case you'd like to view my registry, here's the info!
Two ways:
1) Go to Babies R' Us and click on 'Baby Registry' on the right hand side (you'll see it in the purple)... Then you can put in my info as such:
Registrant(s): MISTA ZAUGG
Registry #: 40913411
2) Got to this link that will take you directly there!
As you'll probably see, I have nothing on my list! Actually tried it out today and I had 43 things on my list from when I was having Zoë! *L* Imagine!


Jesslikesstuff said...

I can't believe both of your kids chose the more comfy/practical seat over the pretty pink ones! So cute :)

ZogLady said...

I guess that is weird, isn't it???! *LOL* Huh!

Sarah said...

that's is weird!!

lilskrimp01 said...

I haven't added a carseat to my baby registry yet. I was wondering if the ones that come with strollers are enough or should I have two?