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Monday, March 28, 2011


Skating post again...

Emma had her VERY FIRST SKATING TEST DAY on Thursday...

We read the e-mail that listed all the times being tested and decided if she really wanted to do it.... She did, even though we had no clue what half the items were! *L*

We talked about the different medals you could be placed in, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit. After much explanation of what 'Merit' was I felt satisfied that she would be alright not "placing" in this event.... As long as she had fun, that's all that mattered to me.

The day came and it happened to be one of my busiest days ever. I ran errands and met up with a long time friend before picking Zoe up from school.... We then rushed in to meet my Mom at the wedding dress shop in Sherwood Park where she ended up placing her orders (Geeeee!!)... We then grabbed lunch for 30 mins and rushed back into Leduc... On the way I had to call Andy (who was coming to see Emma do her test) and get him to pick up Emma as I was that behind schedule! *L* Thankfully I had thought to grab her skating bag before leaving the house in the morning, so we were good to go.

With 10 minutes before being on the ice Emma showed up and we got her changed, skates on, hair done and on the ice!

I didn't take photos during the test... I could have but decided that was the last thing Emma needed, the 'skating Mom'.... *L*

She came up after her test (which seemed to have gone well) and announced that she got gold....


Ha! I was so thrown off I had no clue what to say!! So instead, I bought her a root beer! *LOL*

I am so very proud of my big girl.... She's growing so quickly before my eyes.... Even though I'm with them 24-7 I feel like I'm missing out on so much! *L* Crazy right??!

Congratulations to my Emma.... A 'Gold' is exactly what she deserved after ll of her hard work! <3

1 comment:

Apple Box Boutique said...

Yay... Gold! We are all so proud of her. Go Emma!!!