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Monday, March 28, 2011


I'll do my best to keep this post short as being Carnival Chair for the first time ever was..... a struggle. *L*

In the end it was worth it.... But only when I saw the excitement on the children's faces and how proud they were of themselves when they came off the ice and were telling their families about it afterwards!

I need to apologize for my photo qualities.... I was running around all day and realized that I should try to take a few photos of the girls somewhere in there.... *L* Being sick I didn't fully realize how bad it turned out! Ack!

Emma in 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'

Zoe in 'Stayin' Alive'

I love how well Emma did on her Spiral in her photo!! And Zoe is actually smiling in her photo!!! Geee!

For far better quality photos, please go here to see DEZ Photography's photos of our 'Rewind Through Time' Carnival.... Emma is Group 9 and Zoe is Group 14.

Farewell LFSC Carnival.... May we not have to deal with you again anytime in the near future! *L*

*You can click on my photos for a larger version!


Jesslikesstuff said...

Wow Mista! Emma looks like a 'real' skater!! And I love that Zoe was smiling! Congrats on pulling off this event in spite of being SIIIIICK!

ZogLady said...

*LOL* I know, right??!! It's funny... I know Emma has improved as a skater throughout this year but it isn't until I step back and just watch her that I see how MUCH she has!!! <3

And thank you!! I'm glad it's over and that there weren't too many bumps during it! ;)

Apple Box Boutique said...

Mista has super-mom powers, and the Carnival was awesome. Emma and Zoe both skated incredibly well... and then we went out for dinner... Now THAT'S a great day!