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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Home) Movie Day 1

Today was 'Home Movie Day'.... Nothing was really accomplished (well.... I cleaned out Emma's entire room, went through all of her toys and replaced the 'baby' one with new 'big girl' toys..... Humm....) and it was... good!

The girls let me really sleep in again today (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) as we've worked out this silent deal. I leave Mommy-Approved snacks on the kitchen counter (so, ya know, things that won't go bad out of the fridge! ;P) and they don't come into my room every half an hour asking for permission to eat a certain snack, etc. It's worked wonders! By the time I rolled out of bed (today was noon! NOON!!!) they're happily playing together with the TV on in the background, music playing on the computer and make-believe in full swing!

Today a fort was finished as it was bedtime before Emma could finish her masterpiece the night before.... The girls were playing nicely together and I had only hear "NOOOOoooooo!" a handful of times before I made it downstairs from my wonderful bed! *L*

We ate (and they weren't starving, I promise!), cleaned up a little and then they went right back into make-believe. We did take a moment to do some crafts... Which is always a bonus for me as they make me a ton of items!! Emma wore her skating costume and Zoe put on an adorable dress (seen to the right of this post in her 2010 photo)... I didn't see them for hours!

As agreed the night before, I put on a movie they both really wanted to watch (Pixar Short Films), gave them popcorn and headed upstairs to start into Zoe's room.... However I did get sidetracked in Emma's room! *LOL*

Once Pixar was done the girls asked if they could watch another movie... Sure, why not? After heartbreak for Zoe (Emma won the guessing which number I had behind my back) we popped in Barbie's Swan Lake.... I headed back upstairs to finish up my mess I had made and could hear the girls dancing (full out!) in the living room... *L*

Afterwards it was dinner, wash and chill time. I know, I know... How much more 'chill' could we get??! *L* We made some more pictures for some family members chatting the whole time. My girls baffle me some days but today they were just plain amusing! :D

Daddy called on Skype right after dinner and was able to talk to the girls briefly between their projects! *L* Then it was bedtime.... Tonight it consisted of hours of book reading together... The girls that is. Emma loves to read to Zoe, and Zoe loves it right back! It's the one time that I know, no matter how hard our day has been.... They'll behave in order not to lose out on their Sister time!

All in all, it was a good day! I look forward to tomorrow's activities: Lunch with our friends, some shopping and possibly swimming... And Zoe's movie (TinkerBell) of course!

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