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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you could....

Travel the world....

Where would you go?

I'm thinking that any major travels I do from here on end I'm going to live by this:

It would be a major thing for me as I'm terrified of drowning (honestly! Do you know how many different stages there are before death??! Ack!).... But I've always wanted to sky dive!

And for those of you who have young ones.... Travelling may be a pain (ha, ha, ha.... right)... But this (above) could help! Check it out here!


Kevin said...

I have to pick ONE place?! Impossible!

My current list includes:

Costa Rica
Las Vegas (sooo curious!)
Vancouver & Victoria
The east coast of Canada
Return trips to LA and NYC (when I have
More money to enjoy them than I did the last time I visited lol!)

Ya it goes on and on! Problem is I don't want to do the 'backpacking' thing - I like some degree of comfort. So I might take longer to get to all my destinations! What's your current list, Mista??

Kevin said...

Haha I'm signed in as Kevin! It's Jessica!!

ZogLady said...

Short list off the top of my head:

Tropical Jungles
Ireland (I actually just informed Tyler tonight that I HAAVE TO get there before I die. This is the only location I have dreamt of since I was tiny!)
Disney Places
Vegas again (it was a blast! See 'Love'!!)
Anywhere really with a beach...
Etc. I could go on for days....

As well, I foreee comfort over backpacking.... I'd love to backpack through China... London... Etc. but we're ALL over comfort! *L* ;)