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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comic Fear??!! *L*

Is there one thing that you haven't introduce your child/ren to for fear that it may..... Encourage them? I mean, in the wrong way?!! *L*

I have this silly fear about the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. I personally love it... I love how creative Calvin is... How he has a never-ending friendship with his best-friend (Hobbes)... How the parenting style isn't perfect.... I really love it....

Yet I fear it! *L* My girls are wonderful. I love them to pieces and maybe that's why I haven't introduced them to Calvin and Hobbes yet...

We've already had one to many trips to the ER.... And that's before the girls have seen Calvin and Hobbes making ramps for their sled in the winter time, or whipping down a huge hill in their wagon... And I can only imagine the creative snow people they would make up! *LOL*

I think tonight there will be some late night dancing.... And our neighbors can do the asking (to me) like in the last comic above.... *L*

(And I'll let you know when I finally introduce the girls to the wonderfully creative and imaginative world of Calvin and Hobbes!)

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