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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yay for Eww??!

Today we're off to our local McDonald's.... The one with the Play Place....

1) Eww. As much fun as these thing are for my kids..... Eww.

2) Please, please, PLEASE don't allow us to catch anything.

3) Can I sneak in my Wendy's Salad without them noticing? Humm....

4) Please let it be fairly calm, or at least no screaming-non-stop-angry-at-the-world-children-whose-parents-don't-care....

5) Please let my children get along and have fun. Because in the end, that's what matters!

The super fun part of this all is the fact that Emma has gone to school with the Owners younger kid since Kindergarten! I do have to give them credit for their hard work towards making this McDonald's an actual 'family friendly' location. The seating outside of the play place is more grown-up (think calming marble type items) with a TV area (sports, news, etc.) and such.... And the kid area has bright colors and is made exactly for them! The building is always clean and the workers seem actually happy to work there! The other day I met a friend of mine there with her children and she mentioned how she thought this location was usually cleaner then the others we know of... So yay!

So we're off... For an hour or so of fun... Then food shopping and home to clean.... Tomorrow is another super busy day, with the major bonus being that Tyler will arrive home in the wee hours of the morning!

1 comment:

Heather said...

the only thing i've eaten at mcdick's in recent years are those cinnabon mini thingies... they are so good....