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Monday, November 17, 2008

I was tagged! *G*

Thank you to Chelsey for tagging me on this.... Here I go!

5 years ago…
-I was married in July
-I had just finished College
-I was pregnant!
-I was living with a boy! ;P
-I lived 7 minutes from WEM! *L*

5 Things on my list for today...
-Load and Set the Dishwasher
-Scrub the bathtub
-Eat leftovers… (This takes a lot for me… No clue why)
-Finish switching over my calendar information
-Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 in Hawaii… Doing what Tyler and I had planned this year. We bought a house instead.

5 snacks I enjoy
-Pop (Coke)
-Fruit fondue
-Ice Cream… Sometimes. Or frozen yogurt!

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
- Pay off any debt! (My list is a lot longer then this with travel, move and such)
- Help family out.
- Buy a newer vehicle!
-“Get those invisible braces” (Totally with you on this one Chelsey!)
-“Save lots so I always have money to eat out” (Agreed! *L* Imagine, Tyler and I have actually talked about this.. It would just be at better restaurants!)

5 places I have lived
- Fort McMurray
- Edmonton
- Leduc!
- In a House
-In an Apartment…

5 jobs I have had
- Extra-ing
- Volunteering like you wouldn’t imagine!
- Theatre Work
- Wedding & Event Planning
- Dayhome Provider

I tag:
- Sarah
- Jessica
- Rhonda
- Natalie
- Ashley
- Kristi


Rhonda said...

Geeee, whizzzzzzz, I am (cough, cough)...flattered. Now, I really have to think hard. Thank you. (I think)

ZogLady said...

*LOL* Well if it makes you feel any better, read my blog after this one... Oh yes, priceless!