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Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Favorites:

Song: Silent Night, Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree… The list goes on!
Dessert: Chocolate anything!
Dinner item: Tyler’s Family: Sweet Potatoes! My Family: Mom’s Caramelized Carrots (Yum!)
Drink: Oooo… Well Egg Nog of course. But also Cherry Cola!
Colour: Red… And gold. Might be the only time that I enjoy seeing gold around!
Tradition: Don’t really have one since being married. We’ve traveled so much. Used to be that my family would stay up all night Christmas Eve wrapping the final gifts and such, always fun… I guess now it’s Santa’s Letter! :D
Childhood memory: How the tree and gifts looked when you finally got to see it! My family puts a lot of effort into their gift wrapping and tree decorating! It’s insane!!

Christmas quiz:

When did you stop believing in Santa?: I was younger… I remember hearing my Mom and Grandparents discussing Santa’s Letter… *L*

Do you love gift giving, or gift getting?: Well both of course… But I thrive on the gift giving!

How many Christmas's do you have?: Since being married… Two, nope three! We are either here with my family and have Christmas and then Christmas with Sarah and Conor at New Years. OR we travel (changes every year) to Tyler’s family, then have Christmas with my family the following weekend and then have Christmas with S&C on New Years!

How many people do you have to buy presents for?: Oh my goodness… A LOT! Lets see…Over 20.Who is the hardest person to buy for?: This year? Humm…. Not sure yet.

Who is the easiest person to buy for?: My girls!

What do YOU want for Christmas this year?: New glasses! (Ha, Ha, Ha… Sarah!)

Who will you be sharing your Christmas memories with?: Tyler and our Girls… Then my family for sure and hopefully we’ll get to travel to Tyler’s family!

Will you be traveling for Christmas?: Hopefully! To Cardston!

What is your Christmas wish!?: If I tell you, will it come true?






Natalie (from Natalie's Sentiments... Soemthing fun to do!)



Sarah said...

Yay! You did my quiz. :-D

bumblebeebags said...

Love your answers. I cant believe Christmas is only a month away!

Jesslikesstuff said...

So, so, so...what are you getting your girls? Tyler? What did you ask for from them????

Eeek Christmas is in a month and a day!!!!!!!!!