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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well this week it snowed... On and off... Luckily (and I mean luckily) it didn't last and by morning the snow had disappeared.... Such.... Sadness (can you hear the sarcasm in my writing??!).
I love snow. I love watching it glisten in the light while it covers the ground in soft, fluffy goodness.
I am fascinated by snowflakes... How can there be not one the same? Not ONE! Which them always brings me back to my yearly thought of how we, as Humans, are not one alike. Even if you're identical to someone you become your own person... Your own identity. Hummm....
And I love how my girls get so, SO excited when it snows. Every year since Emma could express her over-joyness about it snowing she giggles and says 'IT'S SNOWING!!! YAY!!!! :D"... Then she asks when she can play in it! I blame that part on the fact that she's a winter baby. Honestly!
This year was neat watching both girls.... Emma did her usual excitement about the snow falling (and she didn't care that it was melting when it hit the ground.... White stuff was falling from the sky!) and then Zoë piped in! She was excited too! Looking out our front window with wonderment written all over her face.... And secretly hoping that this meant Santa would be coming soon!
I myself dread... DREAD going out into the snow. I hate being cold, I hate having a chill.... I hate the feeling of coldness taking over my body no matter how much I bundle up... I hate it! I like the idea of playing in the snow, making snowmen (and women!) all over the front lawn.... Snow angles and all that good stuff.... But quite honestly I'd prefer to be inside with a good book and some hot chocolate!
I hate (Uggggggghhhhh!) wiping off and scraping off my van windows only to make my way to the front again to do the process all over.

I hate shoveling.

And I really don't care for how ANY winter jacket (or at least one that will make my body heat attempt to keep me warm) adds at least 20lbs to my figure. Bah! *L*

Yup. Winter.

I am looking forward to more excitement from the girls... Maybe some sledding for them as well (if the wind cooperates... Oh the wind!).... I'm looking forward to nights in with popcorn and hot chocolate while watching those classic Christmas movies....

I'm looking forward to the feeling of Christmas... The spirit of it as I like to say. How you can just see the goodness of people (and some who may surprise you here!) radiate off of them.

I'm looking forward to Christmas decorations (Oh yes, I'm 'one of those people' who get SOOOO excited when they put out the Christmas decorations before Hallowe'en is over! But I refuse to buy until after Hallowe'en of course! ;P)...

I am looking forward to Christmas... Just not the 'Winter' part....



Jesslikesstuff said...

I feel the same way -- SO excited for Christmas, so NOT excited for freezing my butt off. That's crazy that you had snow! Our weather is still in the plus 12-15 range most days. It's barely even fall weather it's so warm! I'm hopeful the snow will hold off until my feet shrink back to size since I have no warm boots to wear right now :).

I can't WAIT for Christmas this year. It must have been so awesome the year Emma was born since her birthday is sooo close to Christmas! She would have been just a couple weeks old, right? Is she having a birthday party this year in December or do you hold off and do her parties in the New Year?

ZogLady said...

Okay! *L*

1) AWWW! You still have really warm days! *sigh*

2) Too funny! But I understand the shink thing... I wore sandles my whole pregnancy and afterwards! With toe socks on REALLY cold days!

3) It was neat. She was born 13 days before Christmas... But then we spent exactly one week in the NICU. So that left us with 6 days until Christmas. I had a C-Section and wasn't really up for shopping... It was unusual! *L* And I only have 1 photo from that Chsirtmas! *LOL*

4) On no, I've had a FB Event up for about 4-6 months now.... Making sure that we were the first on everyone's calendars for her Birthday Party. Esp. if I'm renting a room, pool, etc. I need to know people are actually going to show up! I learned from last year! *L* And it's Emma's 5th this year! Ack! So it's going to be a big one (if I have any involement in the planning! *LOL*)....

I can only imagine how excited you are for your Christmas and Baby J's First! Geee! I was really excited for Zoe's as she was a Summer baby and I had time to recover! *L* :P

JAKKS Cahoon said...

okay, so I don't mind the snow so much for the first couple weeks. I can deal with the hard parts and the cold, but after a couple weeks, I'm done. The excitement is gone and I want to thaw. Why do we live in a place where winter lasts 8 months a year? That's what I want to know...