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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Flashback!

Sarah & I August 2006

Today's Flashback only goes back a few years.... With some history involved.

Back in my College years (and not being a member of the Church) Sarah and I used to go out dancing with drinks.... Often. It was good times... *L*

Sarah became my roommate when I got an apartment a block from the College (thank goodness!) and slept on my couch forever! *LOL* Poor thing!

Anyhoo... We used to go out A LOT. And it was fun.... But then I made the big decision to, ya know, get married the summer after Grad and life became.... 'Calmer'.

I do get to see Sarah often... And we're both quite amazed that we still see a bunch of each other now that we've moved all the way out here to Leduc! *LOL* :P But we defiantly don't 'go out' the same way as we used to. Our big 'nights out' now consist of us meeting at one of our Wal-marts to walk around, shop and talk! *LOL*

Back to the photo.... It was taken August of 2006. One of my good best-friends was having his going away party at a bar (he was off to London to teach school!) so Sarah and I went... Danced to some Country and left.

We did manage to take a few photos and this was one of them! We hadn't been in the 'bar scene' for years so I must say, we look dang good! *LOL*

I'm very lucky to have such a great friend like Sarah.... I've now known her for... 7 years! Imagine THAT! She's not only my best-friend but someone who I actually enjoy working with on Weddings! AND our men get along really well too! *L* (See Sarah's post for more info about this)

Thank you Sarah for being such a wonderful friend who doesn't mind that I got married, had two kids and became a member of the Church. I don't think I can express enough of how much it means to me that I always know I have someone to turn to (other then the Hubby) when I need a shoulder!

You are truly a blessing in my life!


Jesslikesstuff said...

Awww what a nice post! You guys are adorable :).

JAKKS Cahoon said...

Everyone needs a good friend like that. What a great reflection...