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Friday, August 1, 2008

Emma's new eyes!

Well if you haven't heard the news already, I'll explain...

In my previous blog 'Weekend update!' I mentioned on the Monday (28th) I had taken the girls to their very first eye appointments.....

Well Emma and Zoë did an awesome job! Emma went first, of course, and did everything Dr. Mah asked of her. She was spitting out the names of the shapes on the wall, "Cake, Car, Horse...." but when it got to he 20/20 line she'd stop.

After the 'look into the light' test and such I was told the news.... Emma needed glasses.

It was funny... At first I wanted to bawl.... But then I decided to play up the exciting side of this situation. When we told Emma that she would need glasses from here on end she was excited! What an awesome little girl I have!

Apparently she has 20/20 vision in her right eye but a -2 astigmatism in her left eye.... Just like her Mommy!

Tyler had corrective lenses for a little bit when he was little and hated every moment of it.... I on the other had started kindergarten learning to read juts by the fuzzy outlines of letters and numbers... I know am up to a -5 astigmatism in my eyes and a $1000 bill every 2 years for new glasses, lenses, etc.

Anyhoo... Onto Zoë's appointment.... She did awesome considering her age. She did the first shape part with no major issues (as long as she was sitting on my lap) but when it came to the 'look into the light' and place your face on this neat thing, she wasn't having any of it! *L* But the Dr. Mah was impressed! I guess that's all that really matters! *L*

We'll be going back in 6 months for a check-up on Emma and her glasses and to finish up Zoë's appointment. Dr. Mah did mention that it's looking like Zoë has a astigmatism as well.


So after the appointment the girls got to choose a toy out of the toy drawer (now that's well worth the appointment! *L*) and then Emma was off to pick her very first pair of glasses!

Now there's something you need to know about Emma.... She's stylish! She always has been... I actually like asking her opinion on things regarding clothing and such, as does Tyler! We're very impressed with her design abilities. But yes, she walks over to the wall of kid glasses and doesn't even hesitate.... She sees the ones she likes and starts pointing! After trying on a few choices she's narrowed it down to two! Amazing, I would have been there for hours! *L* In the end we all (we had a helper) decided that the darker purple frames looked best....

We placed our order (which was to some in on Wednesday, yes only two days later!) and headed out.

A day later I received a call letting us know that her glasses were in! Wow! Unfortunately pay day is Wednesday.... So first thing Wednesday before swimming lessons we headed over to pick up her glasses!

They are adorable! Yes maybe a little wide for her face (as my Hubby pointed out) but I DON'T CARE! What I do care about is that Emma was thrilled, and still is, about having glasses! She fell in love with this pair and loves taking care of them, what more can I ask for?

At Auntie Colleen's Wedding July 5th, 2008
The day of the new eyes! July 30th, 2008
Photo Shoot by Photosmiths.ca July 31, 2008
I LOVE this shot!
Photo Shoot by Photosmiths.ca July 31, 2008
My little kindergartner-to-be!
Congratulations Emma!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness mista! she looks like a little fashionista! and they might be a bit wide, but she needs something to grow into. they are super-cute. she looks like she could be starting college, not kindergarten... :o) tell her that her auntie heather thinks she's gorgeous...

Jesslikesstuff said...

She does look very cute with her new glasses! And great that she got them before having to squint at the board! This way she'll have time to get used to them before school starts. How exciting! Your little girl is a big girl...and just one month until kindergarden, right???!!!

Rhonda said...

Ok, now those are the cutest four eyes I have ever seen.

Susie just got a new pair of heavy black rimmed and she LOVES them.

Also...the wire frames seem to get so messed up too fast. Elijah just got new glasses and he looks so handsome.

I should post on that too.

Have a fun last few days of summer.

The Cahoon Family said...

hmmmm, am I a bad mom, I haven't even taken my kids in yet....oops.

Congratulations Emma!! You look beautiful (and kinda sassy too)