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Friday, August 29, 2008


So I don't really keep up on everyday news let alone celebrity news.... But every once and awhile I like to indulge myself in some gossip... *L*

Today I read about the (what seems like) hundreds of babies that have been born int he last few months.... Engagements, divorces... What not. And then I came across this.... It was an article about "Rate The Outfits".... As I flipped through the many, many beautiful people in their cost-more-than-my-second-vehicle outfits I stopped at this photo...
The above, just in case some of you also don't keep up on Celebrities, is Jessica Alba. She had a baby girl, Honor Marie Warren on Saturday, June 7th 2008. Now here's the kicker... I remember seeing a magazine (while waiting in line at the store) that expressed Jessica's concern with putting on weight (even though the weight she was putting on was, ya know, a human!).... Later on she expressed how she was loving being pregnant! No worries about food... And then, finally, after having her daughter she went back to being depressed and concerned that she may NEVER get back to her pre-baby body....
HA, HA, HA..... Oh dear.
Anyways, the photo from above was taken on August 17, 2008. The caption underneath is the real reason of why I'm writing this rant... Umm... I mean blog!
"At the ALMA Awards, Jessica Alba shows off her post-baby bod in a cleavage-baring Narciso Rodriguez gown. It’s amazing how quickly that baby weight comes off when you have a staff of personal trainers and millions of dollars are your disposal. (Getty Images)"

SOOOOOOOOOO true! Oh yes, I too could have a body like this (pre-baby bod) only 8 weeks after having my child IF I had someone to watch and tend to my childs' every need while I'm gone.... Gone working out with my personal trainer on the best-of-the-world equipment and then come home to a pre-made (but still hot!) meal made by a personal Chef....
(I'd like to note that I have no clue if she has a Chef at her home...)....


Pre-Baby Body

Those long hard days being pregnant...

Puffy eyes?? WHAT??
Just another night out with the Hubby...

About 9 months...
What a way to annouce your baby!

If only I could look THAT great (hair, make-up, etc.) that soon after a baby!

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Jesslikesstuff said...

Oh do not even get me started........LOL....I enjoyed this post, for obvious reasons :).