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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!

So while out booking the girls swimming lessons and such I came across a book for the 2008/09 Season of Alberta Ballet.....

And if you know anything about me I have dance hiding deep in my blood..... But that's for another day...

Anyhoo, I picked up the booklet and thought "Humm... I wonder what they're up to this season" without much desire to go to any of them (really, honestly.... The cost is sooo much... Even with my love for the craft!)....

Little did I know how quickly I would fall in love with this coming season's line up!

Check it out:

Peter Pan (Classic!)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (*GASP!*)

The Fiddle & The Drum (No clue... Would love to see it though!)

Alice in Wonderland (Could you imagine??!!)

A Streetcar Named Desire (This photo alone makes me have goosebumps!)

There's also The Nutcracker that has been revamped!


Today (or yesterday I suppose now) Tyler asked me what I'd like for my Birthday.... Odd question I thought since I don't tend to celebrate it anymore (it gets lost in everything else that we celebrate in the months of July and August)..... At the time I honestly couldn't think of anything. I had already suggested to my Mom to buy me new baking sheets and such for my birthday (W-A-Y back when we were packing up our old house..... *L*).... That was the best I could do! I think I may have said something like "To sleep!"....

And then I came across this.... This beautiful brochure for Alberta Ballet!

I have a long past with Alberta Ballet.... One that I will forever hold close to my heart.... And for the first time in awhile I felt my heart race when I saw the list of shows they're doing this coming season!

I called Sarah as soon as I could and told her about my excitement! *L* And the great things was that she was just as excited!!! Then I started trying to come up with ways that I could afford season tickets... How could I choose just one to go and see? Or two? Lets see now... I MUST see Peter Pan (some history there!)... A Midsummer Night's Dream (one of my favorite Shakespeare plays of all time!)... Alice in Wonderland (just cause, ya know! *L*) and A Streetcar Named Desire (because, yes... I'm 'odd' and actually quite enjoyed reading it in school... I get the 'odd' part from Tyler who really did not enjoy the read!)....

I don't know much about The Fiddle & The Drum... But I'm willing to learn as there is no packages that allow me to just see the ones that I really would like to see.... And, of course, if you're going to fork over the money to try and see the four in your top list you minus well pay for the 5-Pk Series! *L* This way I get to see my top choices AND see a new one! Yay!

Now... *ahem* about the price.... Check out pages 21 and 22... I'm not picky about where I sit... As long as I'm there and I can hear the music and view the dancing... It's the craft that I care more about then my status on seating arrangements..... I'd be more than happy to sit in the (6) BRONZE section (page 1 shows where this is... Use the number next to the name for the seating area)... Especially since the renovation of the Jubilee has made it so that no matter where you sit, it's still amazing!

I eventually called Tyler and told him about my interest in the upcoming season.... This was on his dinner break. By the time he was driving home from work on the highway I was on the phone with him telling him about my excitement for the shows and how if anyone (and I mean ANYONE) asks what to get me for my birthday.... "Tell them to pitch in for this!!! The 5-pk Bronze Season Tickets!"....

I'm excited.... VERY excited.... I'm not sure if I'll actually get the package for my birthday it is asking a lot... But I can dream, right? And hey, I suppose I could bargain to only see one... Or two plays if possible..... Humm.... But lets start at the top! ;)


Jesslikesstuff said...

Hey I looked at the brochure (and the prices) and I think that between Tyler and your mom and maybe your grandparents, you should TOTALLY be able to get a 5 pack for your birthday! I mean the cheapest package is $119! That's only $40/person if divided 3 ways...and you SO deserve it after how hard you've worked this year!!! I have fingers and toes crossed that you get this for your birthday. It would be awesome for you :)

Anonymous said...

you know, that's really not a bad deal. i was expecting it to be more! i mean, it's still lots, but not what i had thought it would be!

ZogLady said...

Awwww! I'll make sure to have them look at your comments! ;) *LOL*

We have to times it by two as Tyler would like to come with me... Who knows, maybe he'll like ASND if there's no speaking! *L*