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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend update!

Well here it is.... THE blog! I don't really remember where I'm supposed to start so I'm sure the next few major blogs of mine will be a back-and-forth mesh of the last few months....

So we're going to start with this past weekend!

Lately I've been exhausted by 11pm... Every night! For those of you who know anything about me, I don't sleep. I just don't. I need a minimum of 3 hours to be able to drive and have my head out of the clouds for the day.... Does this mean that I just don't like to sleep? Heck no! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sleep! In fact it may be one of my top favorite things to do! *L*

But often I don't get to do my work (which is dealing with many thousands of dollars to make a couples dream wedding come true) until the girls are fast asleep.... And if you know anything about my kids, they're night owls just like their Mommy and Daddy!

Anyhoo.... Saturday morning I woke up with enough time to get dressed, hair, make-up, etc. done before having to be at the location (lucky for me it was Sarah as the main planner and the ceremony and reception were happening at the same location!) by 9am. Unfortunately I made it out of my bedroom to the top of our stairs and had to lay down.... I was ill and heck if I was going to be tossing my cookies, I have a wedding to set up!

I drag my carpet face up and get ready for the day... Instead of getting dressed in my jeans and a t-shirt I decided that I may not have enough energy to do that later on and opted to wear my formal dress all day long! *L* I made it to the location at 10am.... Thankfully I have a very understanding boss whom I'm always in touch with!

I knew all day/evening/night that I wasn't feeling myself... I was...tired! Not just tired but exhausted, worn out and not together. When things not exactly planned happened at this wedding I found myself sitting down instead of making myself useful.... Ugh!

I survived the night, had 200 people sing 'Happy Birthday' to me (how embarrassing is that? An no, they didn't just randomly pick me to sing that to... I was working on my 25th Birthday... Nothing stops me from doing my job! I worked on my 5th wedding anniversary a few weeks before as well! *L*), danced and was in the car ready to go home around midnight. On the drive home I could tell, I wasn't well.....

I come home and have enough energy to chit-chat with my hubby and pass out on the bed. Still dressed.

Hours later I'm sick. I'm wishing that I could toss my cookies! Something is seriously wrong... And Tyler knew it. I was on the floor in pain and could barely breath... Life sucked.

By 4am Tyler is waking our girls, changing them (which at the time I kept thinking to myself "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??!! Take them in their PJ'S!!!") and packing them into the van.... Off to the hospital we go!

4:30am I'm hooked up to an IV with Morphine and Gravol. I have many tests on the go (and yes, one of them being a pregnancy test)....

Emma was adorable! She held my hand the whole time, and I mean WHOLE time! She watched them put the needle in, give me my med's and all! Without being a single bit phased.... Maybe it was her time spent in NICU when she was first born... She just knows it's "all going to be okay!"... Anyways, at one point I remember saying to her, 'Oh Mommy can't hold your hand anymore, the medicine is making it hard to do so'... So you know what she does??! She sits on the stool that the nurse used while doing my IV and keeps holding my hand! Right until Tyler took them home to bed.

Zoë was great as well... But she was right by the bed when the IV stuff started up... I remember watching her face change from 'Hey what's going on here' to 'WHAT THE.....'... I also remember saying 'Tyler' and then seeing her run to him a little freaked out. No worries though, I don't think we've scarred her for life... Maybe just her childhood... She did come around later on to check out the IV in my arm and such later on! *L*

As I mentioned, around 6ish Tyler decided to bring the girls home and let them get some sleep in their own beds. They were being such great troopers! I have the most amazing little girls! Thank goodness! ;) We tried thinking of who we should call for help with the girls while on the way to the hospital.... We both agreed to try Sarah and Conor first and then move down the list... Dori-Lynn being second. I guess at some point Tyler did try calling S&C on their cells and home line but there was no answer (go figure! *L*).... So he decided to knock on Dori-Lyn's house... Later on we found out that she had woken up but wasn't sure if there was a problem until she realized later on that seeing the van out front meant there was (long story short, the van is always parked in the back, the car in the front...)... Tyler felt awful even having to ask people at that crazy hour if they would watch our kids while he tended to me at the hospital (S&C would drive in from the city while Dori-Lyn has kids of her own)... We've since been told not to worry about those things! *L* I promise those who told us this, we won't!

While Tyler was at home with the sleeping kids (and getting 45 min's of sleep himself) I was at the hospital hearing that all my tests came back great... Nothing seems to be wrong with me... My white blood cell count is exactly where it should be... there's no other concerns.... And no, I'm not pregnant! *L* So were not really sure what happened but all seems to be well now. I could go home and if anything else happened I was to go back ASAP. I think that I was exhausted and dehydrated. But that's just me...

Okey dokey.

So I text Tyler and tell him I'm ready to come home now! *L* What I didn't realize was that he hadn't found child care and was stuck in the position of 'do I wake them or leave them for the 5 minute drive??'.....

He picked me up and we headed home... I crashed. All Sunday I slept. Every so often Id wake up and hear the noise of my family being a family and then I'd go back to sleep. At one point I got up and opened two cans of Alphagetti for the kids. I had just enough energy to pour them each a glass of milk, grab them a bun I believe and turn on the microwave.... Then I came upstairs (where Tyler had finally found a few seconds to get some sleep... He was still running on the 45 min's from before) and announced that he would have to get the food out of the microwave as I was too exhausted to stand anymore. Yup. Our poor kids!

Taken July 31, 2008. 4 days after the IV.
That was Sunday.

Monday Sarah and I were going to a Wedding Planners Conference at the Chateau LaCombe. It began at 12pm. I had also booked my girls very first eye appointments for 10 and 10:30am.... *LOL* Tyler was originally supposed to stay home with the girls while I was at the conference and then I would be home in time for him to go to his night shift.... But the College needed him to help tear out the old theatre seats to prep for the brand new ones and the only time he could offer help was in the morning before his normal work shift... So he arranged the child care (which, to me, was soooooooooo sexy! *L* I'm usually the one who has to scrounge to find child care at last minute!)... He made sure that my Grandparents would be at our place by 10:30am to take over the kids which would give me half an hour to get ready before Sarah picked me up for our Conference (oh yes, she drove out from the city to pick me up and then drove me into the city! What an awesome friend!)... This was, of course, the plan before I booked the eye appointments.

Sarah met my Grandparents at my house (she has a key... so do they but they forgot it) while I was at the appointments with the girls (I'll blog about this next time!)..... We made it back to my place just after 11am (I was already dressed to go to the conference as I knew time would be tight). I'd like to say that I heard Tyler leaving the house at 6:50am, which I thought was insane!!! Anyhoo.... Sarah and I head out....

On our way to the Conference Sarah announces that her August 2nd bride is doing a last minute hair trial (came in from Fort McMurray!) and needs to pictures of what she wants done, which Sarah has (and what I had to avoid sitting on when I got into the car! *L*).... the Bride was getting her hair done at Avanti Salon and Spa, a normal venue for us. So we go to meet her there and agree that it needs to be a quick in and out thing as we'll be really late for the conference if we don't do so....

Then the phone rings, the appointment is later then we thought so now she's having lunch at the restaurant right next door... Ugh! How do you not spend time standing around chatting at a restaurant without seeming rude??! Bah!

We make our way to the west end of the city and pull into the parking lot... Sarah parked surprisingly well right beside this silly person who parked on an angle and cut off most of her spot... I have no clue how she did it, but she did! *L* So we walk into the restaurant and I ask 'What does she look like?' as I've never met this woman before... Sarah just kept walking! *L* Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a photographer.... Somehow this doesn't even phase me... The morphine maybe??! *L* And then something else catches my eye.....


Oh yes! Sarah had planned a surprise birthday party for me and my mom, who as we all know had just finished paddling across Canada in the David Thompson Brigade for 67 days and was quite enjoying her relaxation time with friends in Toronto, had flown back early to be at my party!!!!

I love my mommy!

AND I had NO clue about this at all! NONE!


It amazes me that I had no clue! *L* Way to go Sarah! I know everything, everything! So the fact that I had no clue is unbelievable even to me! *L*

Marika from Photosmiths.ca was there to catch the teary-eyed-joyful moments of my Mom and I! Thank you for the photos! Chelsey from ricephotography.blogspot.com also joined us for lunch (they're both good friends of mine!).....

My Mommy!!!
I love, love, love my Mommy!!!
Total Happiness!
I think here Sarah just asked me if I really had no clue!
Explaining it from my point of view. I cried telling the story! *L*
My Mommy, Myself and Sarah!

And then I'm told that we're not just meeting for lunch but spending some time at the Spa! I've never been to a spa before! As my gift a whole bunch of friends of mine pitched in to help send me to the Spa! GAH!

We had a quick lunch and then headed next door to Avanti! I had my first real pedicure (not that the one Sarah gave to me before my wedding didn't rock! *L*) and then a body wrap thingy... It was heavenly!

I quite enjoyed my time there and only wish I could have seen everyone else that joined in the fun too! *L* They would come and go from my room while I was being worked on! *L* Kaylin (Sarah's sister) joined us for the rest of the day and Lisa (Sarah's Mom who dropped of Kaylin) said hello!

After the Spa (Oh how good I smelled!) my Mommy, Sarah, Kaylin and I headed over to WEM to do some shopping. We grabbed a quick snack to keep our energy levels up and made a goal to find my Mom a new 'fancy' top as she's been in Voyager clothing for the past three months! ;)
I'll keep this part short, we had a blast! We found my Mom two lovely shirts (and wow! She's looking better then ever! I guess paddling for three months will do that to you!) and decided that we would meet at The Cheesecake Cafe for dinner (Dinner! I've been gone ALL day! My Grandparents had no clue that my Mom was back yet but did know about the surprise party stuff.... So they were good with the kids!)....

My Mom and I arrive at the Cafe after Sarah and Kaylin made it there... And who would have known but EVERYONE was there! EVERYONE! My Grandparents, my kids, Andy (& My Mom of course), Lisa, Frank, Sarah, Conor, Kaylin, Julie (who is ready to have her kid at any moment!), and my Hubby! Apparently he's had this planned for awhile to work the day shift (which is why he didn't answer me when I called after the eye appointments.... He knew I would figure something was up if I heard all the racket from his work in the background when he should be in a fairly quiet theatre) on his night shift week so that he could make it for the party! What an awesome husband I have! And I again had no clue!

Dinner was wonderful and I'm thrilled that I am surrounded by such loving and caring friends and family. I am truly blessed!


Jesslikesstuff said...

WOW Mista! What an amazing birthday surprise! How completely wonderful for you!!!! It sounds absolutely amazing and go Sarah for pulling it off in secret :)!

Also, I'm glad that nothing was wrong with you after your hospital trip, but good call by Tyler taking you just to make sure!

great blog and welcome back to your mommy!

Sarah said...

Great blog!! haha.

I think this past weekend was certainly one worth blogging about! haha. What an up and down emotions weekend! lol. Well - I am thrilled that you had fun! And that you were surprised...believe me, it wasn't easy getting this past you!

So....shall we do the spa thing more often then?? heh! :-D

Anonymous said...

man! i wish wish wish i could have been there... :o( i was going to try, but then i ended up getting hired for the fringe here... *super-pout face* it makes such an awesome story...

and as for the hospital thing: isn't that frustrating? you're feeling like you're on death's door and they are all saying "you're completely healthy!" but i agree, it sounds like you were just exhausted. i had that happen once too, when i was touring. it sucks... total body shut-down!

love you, happy birthday!

Rhonda said...

Oh how lucky. How wonderful. How sweet. What a great mom to come and surprise you like that.

Looks like you had a blast.

Happy Birthday.