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Friday, March 15, 2013


Okay so.... I can't even BEGIN to explain everything that has happened since my last post.... Maybe I'll work on that on the side..... But let me update you on a few new things happening in our lives....

 The Husband has had some time off work (like.... almost 4 months).... We've quite enjoyed having him home (aka: I'VE enjoyed sleeping in an letting him get up with the kids for school... *ahem*).... But are gearing up for him to start work again.... When Spring Break starts (typical, right??!! lol).

From our Hallowe'en Party!

 I'm now a Certified Consultant for Scentsy! WHOOO HOOO! I'm VERY excited about this as I've been wanting to join since 2009.... But schedules just didn't allow for it. Not only was I able to join in September ('cause, ya know, I'm never busy) but my best friend also joined! YAY! We're going to kick some Scentsy butt!! Check out my website here! (The new Spring & Summer Catalog is awesome!!!)

 I'm now working at Apple Box Boutique.... It's this adorable little boutique that sells European-inspired home decor, one-of-a-kind furnishings, custom finishing and the most amazing paints ever! Have you heard about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (no, not the Ikea kind)??! It paints ANYTHING (not kidding... Think cement, walls, furniture, fabric, vehicles, glass, plastic..... the list goes on) with no (yes, NO) prep! It's wonderful! We also sell the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint (this one is fun as it can do a few neat things... Add the Bonding Agent to create a clean paint job or not and have a chippy look - the flaky off look-).... And my boss is out of this world! ;)

 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors... Mix them and NOT getting a muddy color!
Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colors!

 I've done some more photography work.... I offered mini-sessions for Valentine's Day and had a blast! I also was able to photograph a friend and her entire family! And I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph a friend of mine who was debuting her new sound of music! 

Fun Family Photo!

Lascaux Proxy

 And last but not least I took over the Hot Lunch Program at our school (please remember that we moved... New school.... New program.... Slightly behind the times of our last school... lol). So I'm the new Coordinator.... And it's... interesting.... lol. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it here, but a bit of a learning curve as it's a new 'older' program... I hope they allow me to continue on for next year so I can plan all Summer! Annnd I must give an early 'Thank You' to my friend Tereasa for offering to help me learn this program they're using so there shouldn't be any issues for future hot lunches...  She was my partner in crime at the last school for hot lunch!

 That's about it for now.... I best get some food cooing before we all die of hunger (lol, can you tell that I haven't had to cook often with the Hubby home??! I'm lovin' it!!!)....

 More soon!

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