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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Short week, Loooong month ahead!

So this Friday is a PD Day.... Amazingly enough, I forgot (I know, I'm in shock too! lol)...

And then the following week is Spring Break.... Which is followed by Easter Weekend... And then a four day week which consists of Zoe's Allergy Appointment... THEN on the weekend my parents head out to LONDON for a few weeks.... All while I run the Boutique!

Did I forget to mention that the Husband leaves for work (you're going to love this) on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING BREAK. lol.

Ahh yes.... lol. So for a few weeks I shall be:

1) Trying to regain the schedule/routine the girls and I had for years before the Husband was home for four months.... All during Spring Break (oh yes, a 'schedule' shall happen..... tomorrow..... maybe... lol).

2) Run a Boutique.... I actually am really excited about this... And for the fact that the reason I'm doing this alone is because my parents are in LONDON! I mean really??!!! Yay!

3) Work hours... W-O-R-K??!! What???! lol It's been a loooooooong time... But thankfully these past few months I've been able to work and learn as much as I can while the Husband was home... I cannot thank him enough for taking over the daily household schedule with the girls so I could work 14-16 hour days with my Mom to get things ready!

4) Oh yeah, I forgot.... I took over the hot lunch! Right, should probably purchase all the food items and such needed for that.... And remember to show up that day! And pick up the food from the location too! lol.

5) Did I forget to mention that the first full week back to school in April isn't actually that? It's another four day week..... Friday being a PD Day (and then the next Friday is Hot Lunch).... Yup.

6) Remember that we changed the Boutique hours to accommodate my crazy schedule with the kids and home... lol. So I better be there!!! ;P

7) Somewhere in there a Husband may or may not come home... We're not really sure what his new schedule is going to be... lol.

8) Easter???! Really? Ugh, Suppose I should plan something there..... *sigh*....

9) Happily dog sitting Friday's to Sunday's! Yay!! Willow is going to have a blast.... The girls have no clue this is happening!!!! :)

So overall I'm hoping that I end up looking like this throughout the stages of the three weeks.....

Hot Momma....
Sure, stay up late.... Not set schedules... WhatEVER....
Schedules... Easy, right??!
Back to.... Work? Full time??! Whaaaaa???!
Except its at 9am... Must.Not.Forget!!!
Right.... PD Day....
Maybe I'm organized this school week?? (HA HA HA!)
Ugggh right, I have to cook! Where IS that Husband??!?
I'll spare you the 'shopping for Hot Lunch with kids part'...
Survive this. More to come about it...
Dog sitting... Easy with three cats, right??! Right?!!
How I think I'll be at the end of the three weeks.... Totally, right?!
What my girls will think of me the whole way through.... ;)
Probably how it'll go (minus the pregnant part!)...
Yup.... Except I will have forgotten about the laundry for three weeks... lol.

Maybe I should challenge myself to take photos during these three weeks and post the "reality pictures".... Humm... Thoughts?

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