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Friday, March 29, 2013

"Good" Friday...

All religious points and such aside...

Where the heck did the "Good" part of Good Friday go??!

From the time I woke up (my kids get up before me because, well, they're crazy... lol) I could hear my kids arguing... And being bossy towards each other....

Then they pulled it together and giggled through breakfast (thank goodness!)....

And then we headed out to do a weeks worth of errands in a few hours.... 

It went alright (besides many "Keep your hands to yourself" comments from me) and we hit four locations and home in 2 hours! Phew!

And then the real chore... It's their responsibility to keep the basement (AKA: The Den) clean, which I've asked them to do for the last few days.... They swear it gets clean but then they play afterwards.... And well you can guess what happens...

So downstairs they went, to vacuum and dust... Ad put everything back in its place.... And then I heard it... Bossiness. Ugh.

Tears. Yelling. More bossiness.... More yelling.... Arguing... Stomping and "MOMMY!"...


Yes, "Good" Friday... lol

All in all though, they sucked it up, got their chores done and are happily playing with a box of toys I pulled out of storage (which they haven't seen in 7 months)... With the knowledge that they need to sort through it and decide what to keep and give away by bedtime.

How's your Good Friday going??!! 


 It's actually been a pretty awesome day... The weather is wonderful (I wore my Keens out and just my sweater!), the sun is shining, my girls are happy and healthy.... And we got everything done today that I needed completed in 2 hours! Phew!

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