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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

I believe most people have their Easter Dinner this evening.... But keeping to the usual unusual-ness of our family, we aren't. lol.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with baking, cooking, family and friends! I'm looking forward to hosting it here!

In the meantime, today was more errands (the girls needed rubber boots, as did I, etc.), so we spent a good part of the day running around from store to store in this wonderful weather.... But before we left the girls dropped off Easter Cards they had made for our neighbors and one of their friends (We'll call him Prince F)... It was adorable! They ran up to his home and excitedly handed him their cards! Then they made plans to gather once we were back from our shopping day....

So once we were back they promptly called Prince F to see if he could join us for popcorn and a movie later, he could! The girls went and played outside while waiting for him to come over.... It was nice to see them playing in the sunshine and puddles! Chalk was used to make a soccer field in our cul-de-sac.... So fun!

Once Prince F joined us, the kids played outside while his mom and I chatted... Then it was time for a tour of our house and then movie time!

Popcorn has been made, they're bouncing back and forth between the family room where the movie is playing and the den (basement) where the air hockey table is, etc.

All in all today has been awesome!

Oh! Here's a few pictures I took with my phone (have others taken with my camera)  from this mornings Easter egg hunt!

The hunt is on! Helping each other! 
Found them all!
Having a Kinder and making the surprises!
The final photo of their baskets before candy was consumed! lol

**I forgot to mention, when we got back from shopping there were two Easter cards for the girls waiting... Made and delivered by Prince F!

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