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Monday, March 25, 2013

April Showers Bring.... A New Bog!

Well, sort-of. lol.

I've decided it's time to actually put some effort into my blog.... Or at least try to put some effort into my blog.

So.... here we go!

* I will be participating in the following:

Mish Mash Monday's: Music, Movies, Magical.... It's a Mish Mash of things!
Wordless Wednesday's: Photo or Illustration with no written context from myself.
Tough It Thursday's: Fitness topics written by a qualified trainer as well as a guest blogger who is a student in theatre!
Favorite Friday's: I'll post about some of my favorite things and would love to hear about yours!

* I will be hosting a daily challenge that I will post a blog about at the beginning of the month (or, ya know, the last day of the month so you can be prepared)... Don't feel that you must do each and every day.... It's more of a challenge to myself, join me if you'd like. It will be a mix of things not just a photography challenge. There will be a link to the daily challenge on the right hand side of my blog, don't forget to check it out!

* I will host guest bloggers! Whoo hoo! So please, tell everyone you know! I have some topics in mind and would love to to hear what you have in mind!

With the above I will still be posting about our family life, things happening around here, etc. I just thought having a bit of structure might be helpful!

I hope you continue to join "It's A Zog World!" on our journey, and bring your friends along too!


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