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Thursday, December 11, 2008


*Tyler is on nights!

Pack Emma's backpack and snack bag for school
10am: Emma's Doctor's appointment in the 'old city' (about a 45 min drive)
11am: Lunch and Shopping at Ikea with Emma in the 'old city'
12:00/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school (Remember $ for Bake Sale!)
Prep for the girls to make invites at Activity Days
Make dinner while the girls have 'Quiet Time'
Pack up dinner (Yum KD!), snacks, toys, etc. to preoccupy my girls while I'm helping with Activity Days
7pm-8:30pm: Activity Days at Church (20min's away); Pick up Stuffing supplies for Ward Christmas Party

Dayhome child 8-5pm
Book girls' eye appointments for January
Call regarding Party Room for Emma's Birthday Party (Make sure it's still booked!)
Safeway to order Cupcake Cake for Emma's Party Saturday
12:00/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school with kids in tow
Wal-Mart: Groceries (very much in need!), veggies for Ward Christmas Party Friday, Goodies to decorate Gingerbread Houses (Emma's class Friday)
Buy things for Party Favors, etc.
6:15pm: The CPR Christmas Train will be here! Taking the girls for the first time!
7pm: Be at Church to help decorate for the Ward Christmas Party
Make Rice Krispie Squares for Emma's "Class Party" as she's 5 ON that day!!! :D

Figure out why the camera won't work.. And fix it!

SWIM SUITS!!! I must find our swim suits!

Dayhome Child 8-5pm
Make squares/cookies for Ward Christmas Party
12:00pm/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school with kids in tow (Don't forget the Rice Krispie Squares!!!)
Make Stuffing for Ward Christmas Party
Make Veggies for Ward Christmas Party
Prep for Emma's Birthday Party Saturday
6pm: Ward Christmas Party! Stuffing must be there by 6pm! *L*

Emma's 5th Birthday Party!
10:30am: Pick-Up Cake
11:00am: Arrive early to set-up Party Room (if they'll let us) and meet everyone in the lobby.
Take head count of everyone to pay for their swimming pass
11:30am-12:30pm: Party Room Booked
12:30pm: Swimming! (Pretty Penny! *L*)


8pm: Sarah's Birthday Dinner at a wonderful Greek Restaurant in the 'old city'.... (Belly Dancing here we come! Loud, Loud music!)

*Must remember ear plugs for the girls!

11am-1pm: Church
2:30pm: Family Dinner in the 'old city'
(I hear it's supposed to get down to -31!! Yay! :P)

How I wish I could sleep in! *LOL*


Sarah said...


Would you like some prozac to get you through it?? LOL

I would TOTALLY come help make stuff - but I have a crazy week too. Now - it's not nearly as nuts as YOURS! But stil...lol.

Don't forget! I'm watching the girls on Wednesday.

Oh ya, Conor and I are paying for ourselves for swimming. Cause y'know - we don't have kids, and that's just fair. ;-)

SO sorry about the loudness factor!! :-( I feel so bad. I hope Emma's okay.

ZogLady said...

Ha, Ha, Ha... Oh dear!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for next Wednesday!!! That will be a HUGE help!

Oh really? Are you sure? We were fully ready to pay for you two!

*L* Nah, she quite enjoyed herself last time (besides covering her ears! *L*)... So we're taking our lesson learned from that and bringing ear plugs! She'll have a great time!

Rhonda said...

Oh Mista.... slow down! You makin' me dizzy!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Wow busy busy busy! But how fun! 2 birthdays to celebrate! Is Tyler being on nights a good thing (like he can help out during the day)?? Take lots of birthday pictures of your big girl and I hope you survive the weekend!!! I'll be thinking of you and sending you sleep vibes -- you'll need them after this weekend lol!!!