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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Christmas Stuff and Emma's Room

Late, late last night I was still decorating... And after rearranging my front room in every possible way (and ending up with it exactly how it was.... Honestly, it's the best design for the room!) I decided to decorate the girls doors a bit... Just slightly so they could get just a little bit more excited for Christmas!
Then this morning after my kids had breakfast and were playing nicely with our Dayhome child I decided I would put away Emma's gifts from her Birthday Party.... Well this lead to me organizing her room a bit... *L* I'll explain the changes after the photos in case you don't notice them...
Now her dresser is here (instead of in the closet)...
This tall blue dresser used to be where the dresser is now... I like it angled...
And her desk (used to be where the tall blue dresser is now) is in her closet. This actually freed up more room in the closet as the desk is shorter and can be pressed right to the side wall (no drawers to hit the closet doors)...
What actually started my re-organizing was that lovely pink and purple hanging organizer in the closet (who gave this for her Birthday? I totally missed her opening it, sorry! It's lovely though!)... So I really re-organized her whole room just to fit that in the closet! *LOL*
But I think it looks wonderful!


Lee said...

I think the room looks really nice! I wish I'd had a room like that when I was younger. It was always sort of plain.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Very cute room! I still haven't seen your whole new house all furnished and done...you should make photographing all your rooms a "project"...you know, since you have so much free time and all ;) hehe