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Thursday, December 4, 2008

No. No, No.... (sighed) Yes.

It's snowing.

Didn't snow all day.


Espcially since I drive Emma to and from school in the span of just under 3 hours.

But tonight we're driving into the city for dinner with friends....

Friends that actually bought our old house! *L*

And I was really, really hoping that the weather would stay somewhat non-snowing for the drive in and out.

Can you tell I'm in a funk?

Ugh. Stupid yesterday's realization.
More later!


Anonymous said...

That's A LOT of snow!!!!!

Ashley Dawn said...

AMEN!! I HATE the snow. Why can't it snow at like 10 above and then it goes away after 1 weekend or something?? That would be perfect. Snow Christmas Eve and Go away on New Years.....