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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I have worked very, VERY hard at making sure Emma is not late for school. Very hard.

I've had her eating ("more") lunch as we're buckled in the van just to get her there on time.

I've created a routine with her that gets us up, fed, ready for school, then play time...

But this week has nearly killed us... And it's only Tuesday!

Today got the better of us... I had her in the van at 12:13pm (class starts at 12:15pm)... If we had just driven away then she may have been considered 'not late' as the attendance would not have been done then.

Instead I had to scrape our van windows (I'm short... I always find this a challenge! *L*), make sure my wipers were done being frozen together, drive behind a huge truck hauling two beds of dirt who decided to pull over at the stop sign and then turn on his blinkers after a bit (I honestly thought he was going to turn right, just like us!)... Wait for the never ending long light and then head to Emma's school.

And because I'm one of those parents that refuses to park in the marked off 'yellow' area (Means "DO NOT PARK HERE!") as I have the wrose luck and that's when the Bylaw Officers would come! *L* I had to park across the road and run carrying Emma to class.


I sent her to class with no socks on (they got stuck in her boots and I refused to let her put them on in the doorway in hopes that she would get to class before attendance was done). I then noted that another Mom was getting a late slip for her child in Emma's class.... So I did the same. As soon as I stepped out of the Office there was Emma with another child from her class (who was holding the dreaded attendance book)... I guess Mrs. Kerr had sent Emma with her to get a late slip.


Hopefully tonight goes much better! *L*


Ashley Dawn said...

Well, you can take comfort that you still took her. Kaia didn't go to school on Monday because she would've been too late. You're still a good mom. What a frustrating day though.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Oh no! But at least they can't accuse you of not trying. In crappy weather I'm sure lots of people are late! We were 25 minutes late for Juliet's doctor's appointment yesterday. It was snowing and the city sloooows down the first few times it snows. People understand weather issues, right???