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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tough It Thursday - Edition One

Today is our first ever "Tough It Thursday"!! Yay!!!

And we're lucky enough to have a post written by my good friend Kaylin!

Kaylin is one of the most amazing individuals out there... I've had the wonderful opportunity to watch her grow from a little girl into a dazzling woman! She's one of the kindest, hard-working and gullible individuals I know! lol And I love her to bits!

She's currently studying theatre at UBC, keeping her grades at an insane average and producing shows in her "spare time"! I am constantly in awe of this girl!

When I asked if she would be a guest blogger for It's a Zog World! she jumped on the opportunity without any hesitation! 'Cause, ya know, she has the time to do this! ;)

So below is her blog debut on It's a Zog World! She's kindly writing about her journey of fitness while being a full time student in a dorm area... We will follow her journey every few weeks to see how she's doing.

At the end of each 'Tough It Thursday' I will post a little fitness routine for us all to try.... Take your time, don't stress, you have a week to do it.... And then I would love to hear how far your journey has taken you (did the kids allow you to work out this past week? Was the leg lift including them attached to it? Etc.)...


I am a University student. Yes, a student whose main enemy besides exams and essays is fitness. I am at war with trying to stay fit constantly. Sure with being a student there comes parties, alcohol and random urban spelunking – but I modestly admit that I am a serious student with the main objective of maintaining an honor status throughout my University career (Italian isn’t helping that much!). With all of this studying and hard work I find it hard to find the energy and time to work out. The hardest thing is eating healthy though. 

Thankfully I go to a University with many healthy choices – although the late night snack store nicknamed “Chubbards” sure puts an anchor in that theory! So search around for healthy options – they’re out there. 

I also live in a place where trails, gyms, beaches, snow sports, biking and especially yoga are in full swing and readily available! But if you are a poor student like me, it’s likely you can’t afford the fun stuff like yoga. So I stick to outdoor walking, stairs and Jillian Michaels work out DVD’s! The DVD is intense and I get a great work out. Since I am not a morning person I try to squeeze in the mid-afternoon workouts in my dorm room that is large enough to fit a yoga mat down the middle thankfully! I got the DVD on amazon.ca for under $8.00 too (which is a bonus for my wallet). Stairs are also a great work out! I live on the fourth floor of a building with no elevator which can suck at times but I know that if I have no time to do a proper workout, those stairs will be my friend. 

Speaking of friend, do stuff with friends! It’s always good to have that extra motivator besides yourself (which I mean, c’mon, our brains suck sometimes for motivational speeches!). 

Basically, to conclude, love salads and hate dressings, find the tallest building you can get into and climb the stairs for a solid one hour work out (you can’t miss!), and  talk you friends into joining you – or better yet, find your uber fit friends who are nice enough not to rub it in your face!! WOO!

Ta-ta for now folks,

Lets see if we can accomplish even one part of the workout below! 

Remember to drink plenty of fluids, eat right and pay attention to your body (don't cause harm to it, but challenge it a little bit). As well, wear the proper 'gear'!

Consult your Doctor first if you're new to this whole working out thing to make sure you're ready for it!

See you next Thursday for Edition Two!

I look forward to your comments! And, if you're brave enough, photos!


Mama too said...

A little inspiration for when I return from abroad... and I do mean my butt *lol Great blog post, Kiki-G, and kudos to you managing any kind of fitness at University! :D

Lisa said...

Very nicely said my talented Youngest - wait until you get home then you can work out with you hard core mama :)