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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daily Challenge - Day Four

Today's Daily Challenge is

Your most embarrassing moment


There are WAY to many stories to choose from here.... Between green stuff in my teeth or a gob of chapstick on my lip while talking to my crush, it's amazing I've survived my younger years. lol.

I remember being in High School and being painfully shy.... I was late for my Bio class as I had no idea where the classroom was.... Once I found it I walked in and the whole class was staring at me (please understand, I had just spent two years in an all girls' school.... And now a class with boys was staring me down). If that wasn't embarrassing enough (remember, PAINFULLY shy), I all of a sudden had the feeling that I was in the wrong class... I had missed the intro to the class and had no clue who this teacher was, etc. *sigh* So I got up and left the class... Wandered the school, checked my paperwork again and realized I was in the correct class the whole time.... Now what? Do I walk in again or skip the first class of Bio??!! Uggghhh.... I went back, repeat the above staring and now annoyed teacher (with comments!) and class went on.

P-A-I-N-F-U-L-L-Y shy.

This may not have been my mos embarrassing moment, but it jumped into my head after 10+ years all of a sudden....

How about you? 

I put this out on Facebook and *surprisingly* only had one friend respond.... Read below:

"Well I'm pretty sure this was not my most embarrassing moment, but the first time my bride to be was to meet my family, I forgot her name when trying to introduce her... Of course she had to elbow me in the ribs... and my mother laughed..!!"

I thank you for sharing that with us!

So, I ask you, what was YOUR most embarrassing moment?

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Anonymous said...

My moment was in grade six when I was playing four square. We lived in Montana then and I was already the crazy Canuck, so did not need anything else to make me stand out. My aunt died and I was given some of her clothes. That day I wore a pair of pants that I liked but should not have played four square in. I bent down to hit the ball and my pants ripped right down the seam in the back. Went very red and ran into the school washroom and stayed there until my mom showed up with another pair of pants. I do not know who called her but I was happy to see her. I never wore anything of my aunts to school again!

JessLikesStuff said...

I'm pretty sure I must have blocked out my truly embarassing moments because NOTHING is coming to mind. Well...lots is coming to mind but nothing is standing out as the MOST....I'll have to thank on that :). Yours was pretty bad as was the commenter above :).