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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Challenge - Day Three

Today's Daily Challenge is

Your favorite television program


I went to write 'I don't really watch a lot of TV' but paused while I started making my list of shows I do watch.... *ahem* Thank goodness for PVR's right??!

Sooo.... I'm sorry but I couldn't choose just ONE TV show as my favorite.... Unless you count an older one, which in that case it would be Gilmore Girls. Love that show!

I decided to break this down into shows I must watch every week (again, thank goodness for PVR's and no commercials!), ones I watch every so often, ones I would like to watch eventually and ones that were cancelled but I still enjoyed my time with them....

Must Watch:

(in no specific order)

Cancelled Shows I once enjoyed:

Favorite shows:
(even if some are finished)

My most recent find on Netflix:

(Interested in watching, waiting to start, etc.)
 Everyone I know is watching this... I better catch up!
 Has anyone watched this? Any good? I'm a dance fanatic....
Girl Meets World.... GEEEEEE! 
 Saw an episode, has potential.
 Watched part of the first season and then life got busy, would like to catch up.
 I keep trying to keep up, will just watch from the beginning in the summer!
USHER! Need I say more?

Guilty Pleasures:
(That I watch if it's on)

And, honestly, those wedding dress shows... What fun!

Oh!!! I almost forget Discovery Channel... Oh to many to list there!! lol

(It was hard!)

I wasn't kidding when I said I couldn't choose just one... How did you do? Do you have just one favorite show?? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment with your favorite/s!!

Side Note: I honestly have to say that after writing this post, I love my PVR even more! There's nothing like having your shows set up to record while you're away and then taking time to catch up on more then one episode with no commercials all at once!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I had no idea I'd managed to catch a show or two of so many you noted! Late night TV with PVR, I guess! *lol

Favs? Well, Gilmore Girls, 'cause it's our biography! LOVE Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey, Smash, The Voice, Suburgatory... Glee is my 'guilty pleasure'... Was sad to see 'ben & kate' not get picked up again (made me laugh out loud). Have yet to watch more than 2 shows of Modern Family and loved them so much that I am holding out for the seasons on DVD. OH, if only there were more time for TV... I'd have a pretty similar list to yours, I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Well since I only have a TV for watching movies, no channels at all, I have no idea what is even out there to watch. :) Thank goodness Mista you made a list, as now I know what to look for on Netflix or computer free tv. I love how you are always on top of things and sharing with others. Once again thanks for the update :)