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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daily Challenge - Day Seven

Today's Daily Challenge is

A photo that makes you happy

I picked an unusual one.... Will explain afterwards, I promise.

This is my Zogglet #1.... Miss E. In October of 2009 she got a cold... and a cough that didn't understand when it wasn't welcomed anymore...

And then it happened... Her heart rate dropped (Doctor's could hardly find it), a high fever took over and she overall didn't look great....

She had H1N1.

And I had no more then 15 minutes to get her the meds she needed before something extremely awful happened. 

Why did I pick this picture? Because it reminds me of how bad things can get and how strong my little girl is.

It took a looooong time for her to recover from H1N1. She lost the hearing in one ear for months.... And we've had a lot of health issues ever since, which can only be summed up to the unknown after effects of H1N1. 

So even though looking at this photo makes my heart ache (it was honestly one of the scariest situations I have ever had to deal with.... You can read all about our journey here and here), it also makes me stupidly happy to know that if my little girl can pull through that and come out kickin' butt.... She can do anything she dreams of in her future!

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