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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Favorite Friday!

This is a little late as what I wanted to post about wasn't happening until this (yesterday I suppose -Friday-) evening. 

I host a Book/Movie/Gather Club.... It's not necessarily monthly... But it is as often as we can!

So far we've read two books, had two gatherings and are having a blast doing so!

Tonight's event was around the book 'Ladies Coupe'... It's an amazing read if you ever get the chance to (I linked to the Goodreads page with the infor about it)....

It's based in India, so that was our theme.

Please understand that my week hasn't gone anything like it was planned to (I'll rant about that in a separate post another day) so all of my prep for this went out the window... Please, don't judge my lack of theme! lol.

Went for some height!
Yummy goodies (fruit was added after our delicious Indian cuisine!)

 I love me my Velata warmers!!
 The family room...

In the kitchen I tried to bring some height with the colorful hangings over the island... Then more color with the table items. 

We kept the snacks on the island and ordered some awesome Indian cuisine for the evening, so yummy!

When it was dessert time we started up the fondues Caramilk and Milk Chocolates) and dipped away with a variety of desserts!

Cheese was everywhere (if you're in the group, expect there to be cheese! lol)!

I tried hard to bring in as much color to the night as I could.... Hopefully it showed!

The last photo is of the lower mantle of our fire place... The items on there were actually for the goodie bags everyone took home!

The bags are re-usable (yay Earth!), the ice cube trays make neat shapes, the spoons are long ice cream spoons to reach the bottom of every milk shake cup... and the candles are a flower from India! (I was going with a 'it's hot in India and colorful' theme... lol)

My guests were wonderful, even putting on the gems to go with the evening (photos were not taken of us throughout the evening, sorry about that.... Guess we were just having too much fun!)...

All in all it was a blast! I always love having the ladies over an being able to reconnect with them!

I can't wait for our next gathering!! Off to Japan we go in our stories!

Oh! So I suppose this is on my 'Favorite Friday' post because of a few reasons...

1) I love to host a party no matter how big or small!

2) I love having my friends over.... It should happen more often but as we all know, life gets in the way sometimes!

3) Anytime I gather with friends and we laugh, chat, discuss major topics, chill and enjoy good food with good company... Becomes one of my 'favorites'!

What would be on your Favorite Friday list??!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

All the decor really was fabulous - love coming to your place and seeing your creativity :)