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Monday, April 8, 2013

Daily Challenge - Day Eight

Today's Daily Challenge is

A website

I started reading this website not so long ago.... And when I did I was hooked....

I read as many posts as I could until my children came to me stating that they were "huuuuuuuunnnngry" and needed me to cook a real meal. lol.

The journey you read in Velvet Willow will take you through every emotion you can imagine.... I'm pretty sure I learned about emotions I didn't even knew existed!

It was a roller coaster.... But one that you never want to get off so at the end of the ride you run through the line up only to get on the coaster again and again... sometimes feeling sick, others exhilarated. 

I'll be honest, I cried. A lot. To the point that when I did pry myself away from my computer screen one of my girls said "Mommy, your face is pink! And wet! What's wrong??!".... Don't get me wrong, there are many uplifting, magical parts on this blog as well (and amazing photos!).... but there's a section that will make you feel the pain that the writer, Shana Rae, goes through.... Or maybe a third of what she's feeling.

Shana's writing is real, honest.... and open. And I like that.... No, I respect that. There's nothing phony about her writing, it's raw. You feel her excitement  pain, wonder.... with her. It's amazing.

The description of Shana's Velvet Willow blog is this, "This is the story of my Friesian rescue horse, Willow, our journey towards healing, and the power of love."

Under the 'About Me' section is also states "Willow is out third horse, and after rehab at Martha's farm, she will join Paloma and Charlie at ours. This blog is about love and healing (both Willow's and mine) and our journey together. "

Please take a moment (or two.... or hours) to read Willow and Shana's journey.... It's one that I am grateful she is willing to share with us all.

*Shana is also a talented photographer who has created a business , Florabella Collection, with textures that she has created for photographers. I strongly suggest you also check out that side of her blog too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay so I am behind on posting but wanted to still post, is that okay?
I can't pick just one website so here goes:
www. anxietycanada.ca
These two are to help with my home life and to remember that there are others out there that understand and our family is not alone.
Can't forget this one:
zoggieworld.blogspot.ca ..... Mista you are awsome!