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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Mini Grown-up!

My first born has decided to take in upon herself to be a grown-up....

A few days ago she spoke with me about wanting to have Chase (yes, the current love of her life from the first week of school!) over for a play date. She informed me of this while we were on our way home. When I asked if she had his phone number she told me 'No but his Mommy said that she'd write it down for me so we could call and make arrangements!'... Just.Like.That. None of this 'can you ask for me Mommy??!' pleading crap, my little one takes charge!

So after explaining to her that we probably shouldn't have him over when the Dayhome kids are here (unless we have an open space!) but I'd be willing to set something up for afterwards or on a weekend. She was happy with this.

Then a day or so later Emma and Zoë are chilling on my bed watching some TV while I'm working on the computer.... Emma leans over to Zoë and says 'Tell Mommy.... *whisper*'....' This caught my attention so I look up in time to hear Zoë say, quite loudly, 'MOMMY!!! Lucas kissed Emma!!!!'...

Um humm.... My 5 year old has it going on... Not sure if I want her to have 'it' yet.... So I investigate by asking such questions as: Where? On the lips or cheek? Where were you guys? What were you doing? How many times has this happen? Her responses were, Cheek. We were getting ready for home time and he just kissed me! And no, it's never happened before (said with a shy look and slight giggle that would melt your heart!).....

All was well with that. I did have to inform Daddy of this. He didn't look to impressed until I mentioned that in the past I've seen her take charge and tell another little boy 'No. More. Hugs!' All while holding him away with her arm straight out in front of her chest to make sure there was some distance between him and her. Good girl!

TODAY we were late picking up Emma from school. Zoë was moving the speed of molasses (uuuuugggghhhhhhhhh.....) and then needed to use the washroom! Ack! So by the time we made it to her school she was playing with a few others that wait for their parents to pick them up. Nothing major (and her teacher stays out there until all the kids are gone)... Anyhoo, on the ride home she tells me that Chase's Mom was 'just too busy' and forgot to write down their phone number. But she will!

When I asked her if she needed me to ask his Mom she said the following (imagine some short questions from me between them):

'No! I already did! I asked his Mom if she had their phone number for me to give to you. She said she was just too busy and forgot but she'll make sure to write it down for us. That way we can call and make arrangements for a play date. And he's still allowed to come to a play date at our house! I also said that he couldn't come over when the Dayhome kids were here.... So we have to call!'

Me: 'Alright well, I'll call her and ask when is a good time for a play date once I have their number'

Emma: 'I'LL call!'

Me: 'You're going to call and ask his Mommy??'

Emma: 'Yeah! I can do it!'

Me: 'Okay then!'

And that was that.

*L* Yes.... This week has been a bit on the emotional side for Emma. She's been distracted at school, overly emotional at home.... At one point I honestly thought I might have to boot her outside just to stop hearing her be bossy and then cry at the drop of a pin! Ack! Not sure if it's the weather change, time change and/or the full moon thing but whatever it is it was wearing my down! And then she pops up with this.... Forwardness, take charge attitude... that I quite enjoy!

So that's been Monday through Today (Thursday). Emma has been invited by her friend down the street from us to go to Girl Guides with her for 'Bring Your Friend' night... They'll be playing outside in the snow today. I'm excited that Brook-lyn thought to ask Emma. They haven't hung out in awhile due to both families crazy schedules! I just know that she'll have a blast tonight!

In the meantime Zoë and I will be painting our nails!


Ashley Dawn said...

That's hilarious. Gotta love kids that take charge. That's totally Kaia too. Although, no kissing yet....thank heaven. Good girl for pushing the boys away....she's got a good head on her...

Anonymous said...

awesome. emma is such a little spitfire. although the whole bossy/crying thing sounds rather like what you'll end up dealing with when she's fourteen! :o)

ZogLady said...

Ashley: No kidding! We trained her early on when a DH boy was causing some isses with her in the kissing area... Bah!

Heather: Oh yes... I SO look forward to those years... *L* Maybe I'll get a shift work job then and Tyler can stay home!! ;P *LOL* j/j