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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Quick Blog:
Woke up this morning and took my time getting on the computer... At 7:42am my weather network thing is saying it's (are you ready for this??!!) -40 BEFORE factoring in a wind chill!!

The high this morning? -34 and then we'll warm up to -24 in the afternoon.
Gotta love this.... Gotta love this.
This is from Fort McMurray where I was born. -40 on a day like today is warm there. Ugh!


Jesslikesstuff said...


Stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsey said...

Oh my goodness! and I'm totally going out this morning... You were born in fort Mcmurray??

ZogLady said...

Chesley: Yuppers. Lived their until my Mom and I moved to Edmonton (I was three).... It's cold there... Stupid cold. We drove back every weekend to visit my Father for years. Blah!

Ashley Dawn said...

Ugh is right! Can't wait for everyone to thaw...