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Thursday, February 19, 2009


You're not going to believe this even after I tell you about it! *L*

I have spent the last week painstakingly working on my new look for my blog. Between our crazy schedule here as a family, running the Dayhome during the day, driving Emma to and from school with all kids in tow.... I've been putting in as much as I could to getting my blog 'just about perfect'....

So tonight I decide to check out other Zaugg blogs... Why not, what could it hurt??!

Well! *LOL* I came across this blog... Yes, please, check it out!

See anything, similar?

I had never, ever seen this blog before... And then it opens (it was one of three that I looked at tonight for Zaugg's.... I stopped at this one) and BAM!

Um humm...

Odd, no??!!


So I will eventually find a different theme.... And add all my stuff back... But for now I may take a week to rest! *L*

1 comment:

Ashley Dawn said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love little things like that. You can't blame the people for having good taste....