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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Couch falls and Fevers

So tonight while I was making dinner I ran to our second floor to check my e-mail.... To which I heard a loud crash and just knew I should start running...

Sure enough by the time I was at the top of the basement stairs Emma was at the bottom starting to yell 'MOMMY!'...

Zoë had fallen.... big time.

I dig (oh yes!) my way to her and lift her off the ground where she instantly monkey hugs me.... Oh dear.

I guess she had been walking along the top of our L-Sectional couch (the back part I suppose) and had turned to look at Emma instead of where she was going. She fell right off the end of the couch landing in the back portion of our basement (where all the chaos is still as we have no garage yet)... And to make matters worse, she landed right on the plastic kid sized grocery cart (which is done for) and on our cement floor. If only she had fallen forward from the couch onto the rug portion of the basement! Ugh.

And then it happened, she asked me to get Daddy.... Daddy! Mommy was not enough to solve this issue... The hurt back of the head, neck, back..... It needed Daddy's love.

Luckily for us Daddy was on his dinner break at work and we were able to get him on the speaker phone. She kept asking him to come home which slowly broke my heart at every try... He promised her that when he got home from work he would wake her up to make sure she is better and to give her cuddles.

What a great Daddy!

We had a late dinner, watched a movie and seem to be doing okay. Zoë did mention that she was tired... So every hour tonight I'll be waking her up just to make sure she's alright... And to calm my mind as well.

On the other side of things... Emma's cough will not go away. Ugh. I asked the pharmacist which cough medicine would be best for her (I had three options all for the same symptoms but one was night, one was all day and the other I threw in for a different company choice)... Did you know that Health Canada is now suggesting that we no longer give our kids medicine for things such as coughs as there have been one to many over dosages given (as well as other reasons)??! Ack! They suggest just letting them cough it out and if it's a major issue, go to your Doctor. Unless your six, then it's okay to use cough medicine 'cause apparently parents get their acts together when their children are this age an no longer do the sleep deprived, were-on-a-four-hour-schedule, over dosage... Huh, go figure. I'm sure there's many other reasons... But personally I hate giving my kids medicines.. So I'm quite picky about when they get it.

Anyways, I bought her the night time one. *L* For my own sanity and hers. We're not getting much sleep at night, we're up much earlier then we've ever been before (on a regular schedule)... We NEED sleep! Especially when Dayhome children are here at 7:30am! And we have school! I promise that I will not give my child an over dosage! Honestly! I'm the parent that has a schedule posted on the wall with the last time the medicine was given, how much, what medicine it was, when the next is to be given and who gave it to her! I'm a bit of a freak that way. *L*

But yes, sorry to ramble there.... You can check out the articles on the cough and cold 'ban' under 6 here, here and here.

Anyhoo, I should get going! Must clean the house, switch laundry over, prep for tomorrow and check in on kids before goign to bed tonight... Ugh! *L*

More soon!


Ashley Dawn said...

I actually DID know that. I think it's ridiculous too. We ended up in the ER last night because of coughing and an asthma attack. They still didn't give her any. I hope Zoe and Emma are both on the mend. Those things are NEVER fun.

Jesslikesstuff said...

Oh dear! I hope Emma feels better and that Zoe healed from her (SCARY!!!) fall. And PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP!!! OMG I can't believe you function on so little sleep. I definitely don't see any reason why a 6 year old can have cough syrup but a 5 year old can't. Whatever helps you and your family is the right thing to do!!!

Keep blogging!!!