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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Foggy Night

Tonight the girls and I decided to eat pizza downstairs and watch TV.... And can you believe that there is nothing good on at this hour on a Thursday? I'm saving E.R. for 11pm when I have my little ones fast asleep.... Anyhoo.....

Every time I ran upstairs to get something I would pause for a moment to look out our front window. We have this great view looking down our street and then nothing really. Just the highway of fin the distance. Tonight I noticed that something was 'dancing' in front of our street lights..... Fog.

For some reason the idea of fog makes me excited. I like fog. I think doing a photo shoot in some fog would rock. I like how it's mysteriously rolls across the street and engulfs everything in sight.

I'm not a fan of how it makes driving a bit more difficult... And since all we do is Highway driving out here at all hours of the day/night.. Well yeah. Wildlife better stay home on foggy nights!

Tyler is on nights... He'll be getting off work at 12:30am and heading home shortly after... Unless he does the 'guys night' thing (PS3 games!) with some buddies from work... Which means he won't be heading home until much, much later. I hope that he drives safe.... I can only pray that nothing happens!

In the meantime I'll just take these quick moments to enjoy my foggy world.

1 comment:

Ashley Dawn said...

I love fog too. It's super cool!! I hope Tyler made it home safe!!