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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This morning....

It's 8:09am.

So far I've had two men (who are attached to the random man in my back yard last night around dinner time) come and pound my dirt down with this neat dirt pounding machine. This was about 7:45am...while I was panicky trying to gather all of the garbage's for 'Wednesday Garbage Morning'......

Am I not making sense? Sorry... It's early, yes that's right, "early". My kids 'sleep-in'.... They like to wake-up around 9 or 10am.... And then play for a few hours before wanting food... I have amazing kids! *L*

Anyways, I woke up with a stiff neck and couldn't figure out why.... Then I attempted to roll over... Ahh... I see... Right there beside me fast asleep was Emma! She was crammed right up next to me, doing quite well actually, not falling off the bed. I think if I had sneezed she would have fallen off! *L* So this is around 7:15am....

Which is 7:15AM! AHHHHH! I sort-of wake-up Emma while I envision myself running down our street in my PJ bottoms, shirt I was wearing during the day yesterday (had to change out of my jeans when they got soaked from the hail.... Will explain that later) and my winter boots waving my garbage's frantically as I scream like a mad woman "TAKE MY GARBAGE'S, PLEASE!!!!!! "


Back to the story though.... So I tell Emma to go to her bed ("but I don't want to!"... She did and was snoring before I made it to the top of our stairs! *L*)... and then I realize that there's another little girl standing at the foot of my bed on my side.... 'WHAT is going on??!!'...

It's Zoë (I mean really, who else could it have been? I only have two!). Apparently she couldn't find her *new* big girl underwear (she got new ones yesterday for being so good with her training!).... Which made my brain think "Where's the pee??? WHERE'S THE PEE???!!!"..... Thankfully she had gotten herself to the toilet in time (YAY! We've been training forever but she wouldn't go without me there to get her on the toilet) and such but wanted a new pair of underwear.... DONE! So I show her where her *new* underwear is and off to bed with her. Then I realize that I'm still fighting the clock to get my garbage's out in time! AHHHHHH!

So, like a maniac, I go tearing around the house grabbing all the garbage's and doing some form of balancing act that even circ du sole would be impressed with.... I toss them all into the one main garbage, grab the other one that is one the side steps and head for our front door..... Only to stop in my tracks as I realize that we have no front walk way.... The city is getting our front ready for city sidewalks to be poured... It could be weeks... When they did the flattening of our land they tossed our wooden planks to the side (and yes, breaking some)... We've been parking on the garage pad (I've gone through one tire.... another story for another day). This proves difficult some days...especially after it's rained. Our 'dirt' turns into mus... clay mud. One day Zoë got stuck and lost her shoes in the 'dirt'... Grrr...

Anyways, so now I have to find my winter boots (oh how I love those Air walk boots!)... Okay.... Where did I put those.... Hummm.... AH HA! Back closet, done! I haul the garbage's to our front curb. Garbage's out in time, check!


I trudge my way back to the front steps, scrape off as much 'dirt' as I can and leave my boots on our front porch (I LOVE that I can do this with no worries!)

Now.... When I was doing the whole circ du sole bit I noticed two men in my backyard... They're from the cement company... My sidewalk from my garage pad to side steps is going to be poured today! (They never tell you these things... People just randomly show up and work on our house! *L*)... I'm excited for the cement to be done (and I mean done, dry and wood taken away)... Right now I load the kids on our mini-path of planks from the garage pad to the back deck... Then I sneak around in the 'dirt' to our side steps (and avoided walking in the 'path' that had been framed out a week ago for our sidewalk), let myself in and then let the girls in through our sliding doors. *L* It's a chore.

They've (the two original men who have added two others now) have just finished pouring and smoothing out ours and our neighbors sidewalks! Yay!

When the cement truck arrived it rumbled our house... So I snuck into Emma's room to sneak a peek. Well Emma woke up and we watched the whole process (Zoë woke up as well and joined us).... I took pictures! I'll post them as soon as I get them on this computer.... As the cement truck was backing up it sunk in the 'dirt'... Ugh! You should see the mess it made! But whatever, my cement is poured and ready to dry!

As they were pouring the cement the garbage truck came by! *L* Goodness!

So this morning I've done the whole garbage circ du sole, laundry (need to pack the girls for their sleepover tonight), watched my cement be poured and blogged!

I'm feeling very accomplished!


We're not used to the 'once-a-week-four-bag-max' garbage day!
This is an idea of how our sidewalk will look like when dry!


Sarah said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! That was a fantastic read!! Look at you! Up and at 'em early in the morning! I'm impressed!

I woke up at 7:20am - to the sounds of workers tearing up concrete with a big jackhammer this morning...oh joy.

Rhonda said...

Would have paid good money to see that whole wonderful "jaunt" to the garbage...

I too have done it so many times... however, it is different out here as the garbage is all privately owned and operated. It is always a mad dash out the door when I hear that truck backing up our driveway. The guys are pretty nice and honk their horn if I am late putting out the trash.

We are having a great summer, what about you?