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Monday, June 23, 2008


Oh yes..... Today, this very special day...... I signed my girls up for summer programs!

After Tyler headed to work (night shift) I took the girls to the bank with me (my cheque came in and I had BIG plans for it!)... We cashed my cheque and headed on over to the:


Where every child's summer dreams can come true.... Or something like that.

Since the day Emma was born I wanted to get her into swimming lessons... Unfortunately we just couldn't afford to, as well we didn't have a vehicle that I was driving to take her in (busing in the city in the middle of -40 weather was not my idea of a good time after a c-section)... Time passed and we had another child, Zoë! My dreams of getting them into swimming lessons seemed to get further and further away as now I had two children ages 2 and under and to take a class it had to be 1 on 1. This meant I would need someone to watch my other child while I was busy in the pool with the other one... Just wasn't going to happen!

So here we are over four years after Emma was born (almost three for Zoë!) and I just now signed them up for their very first swimming lessons ever!


I'm very, VERY excited! Can you tell? I decided that I didn't want to actually take the course with Zoë (if you're under 3 you need to be in the pool with a guardian) so we held off on the lessons until she turns three (poor kid! *L*)... Emma will take her class right after Zoë's swimming lesson. I wanted them to be in the 5-5:30pm class (both classes ran at the same time) but it just wouldn't work with my work schedules (rehearsals tend to be Friday evenings so trying to do the swim class then get the girls to a sitter -usually on the north side of Edmonton from Leduc- and then be at the rehearsal would be suicide!)...

Anyhoo, so I get them signed up for the classes, and only one set as we're not sure how they will do -pass or not- and they do offer fall classes that I could put them into, and then they mention day camps....



Off I go with the little fold open flyer looking over all the courses... My goodness! If I could put them into every single one, I would!

Here's what we ended up with (please keep in mind I went to spend around $60 on swimming lessons, which BTW is SOOOOOOOO much cheaper than Edmonton!)....

Summer Tots - For kids 0 - 5 years & their parents. Friday’s 9:30 - 11:30 am $7/parent & child $3/additional child (So it'll be myself and Emma and Zoë)

August 1 - Super Duo Day: Parents and tots dress up as your favorite duo. Batman & Robin...Mickey & Minnie...

August 15 - Teddy Bear Picnic: Don’t forget your favorite furry friend as we head outside for a picnic.

Summer Preschool Program - Just for 4 & 5 year olds. Monday - Thursday 1:00 - 4:00 pm $8.50 or $9.50/child/dayOr $30.00/child for the whole week (Just Emma!)

WEEK 7 - Crafty $32.00 for the week
August 11 - Nature Crafts -Swimming included
August 12 - Super Hero Day
August 13 - Culinary Crafts -Swimming included.
August 14 - Visit to the Corn Maze

My water bugs July last year!
So we'll see how this goes... Hopefully Zoë will allow someone else to teach her how to swim while I sit by with Emma and watch.... I know Emma will have no problem with someone else teaching her how to swim... I just hope she pays enough attention to grasp how to swim!
I phoned Tyler and told him that I placed the girls into swimming lessons (I,uhh.... 'forgot' to mention the day camps... *ahem*... We'll cross that bridge when needed... *L*) and that they would be doing the class on their own... His only slight concern was with Zoë... Hopefully she'll be able to pull this off! So now we have a goal to do a whole lot of swimming in the next few weeks with the girls to get them used to their faces getting wet and such (this is where I could see Emma having a slight break-down.... Oh dear....)... And see if they need goggles for their lessons just to help cut down on the anxiety of face wetting so they can focus on having fun and learning!
I'll keep you posted!!!


Heather said...

yaaaay for swimming lessons!!!! my mom lied about my age to get me into them early.... :o)

Jesslikesstuff said...

So cool! That's awesome that you were able to find such affordable programs for the girls. I was looking at the prices and was like, ya multiply those numbers by at least 4 and you'll get the prices for children's programs in Toronto. UGH!

Can't wait to hear how they do at swimming lessons!!!!