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Monday, June 23, 2008


Okay so they're not photos off of my camera yet (still have to download all the stuff onto the new computer before I can unload all of my photos... And believe me, there's a TON!)...

Anyhoo, these are from my cell (pardon the graininess of the photos... Old cell phone!) and I thought this might (maybe, possibly) be able to hold you over until I get the camera photos on here!

Zoë was in her car seat and we were driving home from our very first grocery trip in Leduc... She reached over, grabbed the middle seat belt and swung it... Smack right into her eye. She had a sweet black eye for awhile! (Just so happened that we had bought frozen veggies! I pulled over and placed those on her eye! *L*)

Along HWY39 (the entrance to our area) this was happening forever and at all hours of the day/night. They're making top soil. The girls loved watching this process! And then to our right (where we would park) they could also watch the sun set!

Hop-A-Long-Daddy-Slipper. The girls invented this neat thing... Each took a 'Daddy Slipper' and placed both of their feet into it. Then they would hop! Hours of fun!

One day we were looking after Brooke-Lyn (a new friend the girls have made from down the street. Brooke-Lyn will start Kindergarten at the same time as Emma. Rebecca-Lyn is Brooke-Lyn's older sister who is already in grade school!) came over while her Mommy went for an interview... We had a great time playing, having lunch and making Father Day's paintings. Zoe got a little bit close to the table looking at Brook-Lyn's picture and ended up wearing the plate of paint! *L* We had a shower right after this (too funny!).

So on Monday the 16th I finally took the girls to the park during the day! *L* Tyler and I brought the girls to this awesome park that is right by a lake and many walking/biking paths here... But there's were too many 'flying bugs' and they ended up screaming and crying. We went home.... *L* Anyways, this day turned out really well... It was SO hot! We played at the park (were actually on our way for groceries...) and then took a walk on the path. Zoë realized just how much she LOVES the swing!
Oh! Remind me to write a blog about the path walk.... CHAOS! Ugh...

This was taken on this cute little bridge Emma found along an "off-side" of the main paths.... That's the lake in the background.... (like you couldn't figure that one out yourselves.... :P)

Last night us girls had dinner on the back deck for the first time ever. Daddy and Uncle Conor had been busy building a deck for a client after Tyler got off work (a very long day for him)... So I was left to find whatever we had in our freezer... The girls loved it! Emma was begging to eat outside (and like I'm going to argue, she didn't care if there were bugs!) so we did! Perogies, Sour Cream, Fresh Dill, Jalapeno Cheese.... Yum!

Tonight I stood on our back deck (okay so I call our back deck just that -or deck- and our front deck the 'Veranda'.... This way you'll not be confused!) and watched this beautiful sunset! I'll be sad when they get around to building Phase 3 (not anytime soon though, Phase 2 isn't even 50% complete! *L*) but will like it when someone else gets hit with the high winds, snow, etc. first! ;)
Here's Zoë after brushing her teeth tonight.... Cute as can be! She had a "wand" that helped her dance... And a magnifying glass to, ya know, see things... *L*
My beautiful Emma under her leaf above her bed... She loves that leaf!

That's all for now.... Hope this will hold you over until I get all of my camera photos onto this new computer!


Jesslikesstuff said...

Hey you updated your blog! What a happy coincidence! I had given up checking regularly :)...I'm glad I "stopped by" today!!!!

Cute pictures, your girls really are getting cuter and cuter (but you knew that already hehe)...

Glad to see you're alive!

ZogLady said...


Yeah... I'm hoping that I can keep up with teh blog... Even if it's just a short message here and there during the summer...

Thank you! And thank goodness for cell phones with cameras! *L* All of a sudden the girls would be doign something cute and I'd realize that I didn't have my camera with me (not that it would help much, it's full!)...

Off to check out your site now! :)