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Monday, January 28, 2008

When the wind blows...

....things get cold.

Like me.

Our house is old. And if from here on end it seems like I'm complaining.... Well I probably am! I know just how lucky and blessed we are to be living in this house.... How kind Tyler's parents have been to help us out all these years... Heck, we would never had been able to start building our own place by now if it wasn't for the opportunity we've had to stay in this house!

But it is old. And cold.

Today (Sunday) the beginning of what is to be a week long blizzard (think about it folks, the actual blizzard hasn't even hit yet! Ugh!) started... It has brought insane winds that are cold... Bone chilling cold. Hands, noses, whatever will freeze in a matter of, well... A minute. It sucks. In order to get to my van today I had to shovel my way there! Ha! I'm sure everyone around me thought I was insane as I had been dressed for Church (so in a skirt and very colorful knee highs! *L*)..... It was awesome.

Can you see the missing sidewalk? And this is

a tiny snowdrift!

Looking out to the bus station. See our car??!

Tyler worked today (which he doesn't do often on Sunday's... But we're trying to save some money for, ya know... Curtains for the new house and such... and they offered) and it was outside.... ALL day.... I felt so bad for him.... And now he has to do it all week... Sucky...

I can't imagine what Tyler has to do at work

all day/night. I know they do shovel snow off

plates of metal when it snows... ALL shift!

But yes, back to my silly blog...

Long story short.... We had had dinner and the girls were in bed... Tyler had fallen asleep on our couch while I contently watched Mythbusters make a rocket out of a Hot Water Tank (if you ever get to see this episode pay attention.... It really can happen! And it's insane!!!!) when all of a sudden Tyler asked me if they were plowing outside (we're on a bus route and so the city plows ALL night ALL around us.... It's one of the most horrible noises I've ever heard... It shakes the house even).... At this moment I had to laugh..... It was our furnace that had come on....

Our house is old.

I'm not sure what a furnace should really sound like.... But I'm thinking that if someone was to think that it was snowplows outside our house.... Well maybe we should have it checked on.... Just a thought....

(I'm still on track with the second sentence of this blog, I promise).....

Even with the furnace kicking in constantly (honestly, I think it take maybe two minutes to rest and then kick back in) our house is FREEZING! I knew that it was cold in our living room (it always has been... Old house, old windows, etc...) but didn't realize just how cold it was until I left my cozy spot on my chair where I had been using one of Tyler's zip-up sweaters as a blanket (he fell asleep on the actual blankets...yes, ON them! *L*) to use our washroom.....

It was so warm in there! Of course, I had to eventually leave and head back into the living room... Oh yes, it's cold in here! There's a draft* from under out front door (which I have one of those draft-stop-rice-filled-bag thingys and it doesn't do a whole lot... But it does a little so I keep it there), our windows are extremely drafty.... I won't allow our curtains to be opened (all two layers of them) until the spring weather kicks in as it's just too cold with them opened. Now... Our heaters don't actually warm the room up much (thank you furnace that seems to never stop running... No heat but huge heating bill...something seems wrong here....)....

Hard to see where the snow is on the trees

right now... I'll try again tomorrow day.

So yes, I am cold.

And I'm complaining.

Deal with it.

I know I am!


*All night I've been hearing this cracking type noise from our door area.... When I opened the door to get take some photos of the snow I realized that the cracking noise is snow coming from under our screen door and making a mini-snow bank between our two doors.... And it's actually made it's way into the house now! Imagine that! *L*

Well this is new....


Jessica said...

Oh I feel for you with the cold. Our basement apartment is pretty well insulated but Kev (stupid boy) gets "hot"...which means he does ridiculous things like OPENING THE WINDOW IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER....so I can only imagine your pain. But just think...this time next year you'll be in your brand new home!!!!! :)

ZogLady said...

I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!