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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Sister Visits!

So back in December we had Sister Peavler (AKA 'Peavler') stay at our place for about a week... And it was great times! We got to show her our soon-to-be house, hangout and chat girl talk until the wee hours of the morning (until the 'man' would come home from his shift work... Then he'd join in! *L*) and all around just had a good time!

We miss having her here!

Yesterday I received an interesting text message, it read:

"So uh if a certain sister missionary was to come into town and wanted to see her favorite zauggs could she come by say tomorrow night?"


So tonight Sister Buck (I call them 'Sista') came on by... As to our usual tradition, the night before she flys out! *L* We hung out, she brought gifts, we ate pizza and gummy bears (at separate times! *L*).... It was fun! She also played with our girls.... A lot! *L* It was awesome times.....

And, just for you Peavler.... She got lost on her way here! Not her fault, but it made me giggle!

But yes.... Now she's on her way to the place she's been staying at... The long slippery drive to the north side.... (Please, please drive safe!).....

And I already miss her!


This is one of the gifts Sista Buck got for the girls.... I adore them! (Mini-Sister Missionaries!!! *GEE!*)

Here's the second gift to the girls.... How cool is this??!

And then there was THIS.... It's beautiful and has so much meaning to me... One day I will make it to Logan.... And I cannot wait! One day....

Thank you for the lovely gifts... And for bringing tears to my eyes when I saw this!


Anonymous said...

Where/what is logan?

ZogLady said...

Logan is a place in Utah... And it has one of the most beautiful Temples there... or at least I think so... And before I was Baptised I saw a photo of the Logan, Utah Temple and was in love! I've made it a goal to get there one day... And it turns out my Sister Missionaries that helped me be Baptised are from Utah and Wyoming! *L* So we've all planned ot meet there one day!