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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Frozen Vans....


Yup, that's right... They suck!

My poor frozen van... Was plugged in since Tyler got home last night. I unplugged it when I went to start it (and that was a fiasco) but it wouldn't start... And then I couldn't' get the plug to go back in!! AHHH! So I stole Tyler's cord and it still wouldn't work! GAH!
This was our original schedule for today:

We were to get up, go out for breakfast, drop Emma off at a friends Birthday Party (1pm) while Zoë and I picked up items needed for the crock pot meal I need to make tonight (I'm helping in our service activity -Church- which is to make one freezable meal for someone who just got out of the hospital -due Wednesday at 12pm)... Pick up Emma (I assumed around 2-3pm) and head home. Once home I would get the girls down for a nap (3:30pm) while I prepped the crock pot meal and started it..... Then I would get myself ready for the consult that Sarah and I have on the north side tonight (6:30pm).

The girls would wake from their naps just in time for me to get them ready for their dinner with Daddy and the Missionaries.

In the meantime Sarah would show up at our place around 5pm. Tyler is dropping Derrek off at home on his way here and then picking up the Missionaries before coming home (5:30pm).

He would walk in the door, I would kiss him and then Sarah and I would walk out the door.

What actually (has) happened today:
  • My van wouldn't start.
  • Couldn't get to the Birthday Part.
  • Couldn't get to the store to get the ingredients for the crock pot meal and have no idea when I will be able to... Humm...
  • Realized that Tyler will need the van to drive everyone to dinner tonight (Car seats x2 and Boy Missionaries will not fit in the car!)
  • And driving conditions are a bit slow... Which is fine but now we'll be a bit behind schedule.
  • Oh! And the girls don't want to nap.... So I'm really behind schedule and not ready for my meeting tonight.

So all in all.... Things are sucking a bit today. The girls were devastated that they didn't get to go to the party as well as get out of the house... I'm not going to be able to make my promise of a single freezable meal by tomorrow at noon....

OH YEAH! Tomorrow at 10:30am is Emma and Zoë's hair appointments (think we'll make it??!)... This is very important since it's Zoë's very first hair appointment! (Did anyone else hear my heart break a little??! No? Just me.... Huh....)

Anyways..... I guess I should go and try to get the girls down for a nap. Here I go.....


Jessica said...

So....did you make your appointment after all that?

ZogLady said...

I did! Sarah came and picked me up! *L*

And Tyler, the Missionaries and the girls went to Dairy Queen behind us here....

The Missionaries appoinements after us all were cancelled so they're watching a Church movie then Tyler will drive them home as I can stay back with the girls... On his way home he's going to pick up what I need for the crock pot meal which I will cook all night! HA! Look at us go!

*LOL* I may re-write this in a blog.....

Jessica said...

Very impressive :)