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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Movember.... A time for men (and some women.... lol) to grow their 'staches as long, fluffy, etc. as they can in effort to raise awareness towards Men's health... Best known towards Prostate Cancer....

What a month it is! lol

I personally love it.... lol.... It's awesome to see whose 'staches turn out in which way... What style they choose to go with (will it be handlebars? Dali? Zappa? Porn Star?)??

Below are a few of the things we set up in our house.... Enjoy!

Name that 'Stache (How many of the 30 can you get correct??!)
 A little support...
 Mustache Chocolates! 
 Mustache Cake (which, believe me, would not have happened without the help of my wonderful Husband! lol)
 My attempt at celebrating the reason for gathering....
 Oh yes! This was hands down, the best game ever! Blindfolded, dizzy and aiming for the right spot... lol.
What did you do to celebrate this months awareness?

Feel free to share your photos (you can always post your link below), I would love to see them!

Happy Movember!!


Feel free to check out here to read more on what exactly Movember raises awareness about, how to donate, and buy some awesome merchandise! 

1 comment:

Apple Box Boutique Inc. said...

Awesome party! So great that you brought attention to the cause in a positive way.