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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Today Sucked.

Today sucked.

My FB status was as follows:

: I think today should be labeled 'Forget this! I'm going back to bed until tomorrow!' day. Uggggghhh.

That was around 3pm.... Which was an hour after Tyler told me he had been laid off. 


We had been very fortunate that he was able to keep his job at this location for almost 3 years (a month shy)... And for that, I am thankful. We were able to live in our newly built home in Leduc, place the girls into sports, day camps  etc., go on our first major family vacation (Disneyland) for Christmas last year and buy our new home.... (While still having our other as a rental)...

But why did this have to happen..... Now? 

We'll be taking a break from sports for the Winter Session (can you hear my heart breaking? Parent Fail #1).... We will not be throwing Emma the usual extravagant Birthday Party that we normally do (Parent Fail #2... We also missed doing this for ZoĆ« in the Summer... So lets boost that up to #3).... Oh and there's Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite holiday hands down.... I look forward to it all year long.... I secretly get butterflies in my tummy when I think about it during the Summer! But this year there has been a change.... Which is odd.... Was the Universe preparing me for this before I had any clue? Humm....

I pulled out one of  our trees (yes, we have a few) a few weeks ago to set-up..... I did the bottom branches and left it, not fully assembled. In the family room. For a whole week.... Then Tyler came home for his 4 days off and moved it to the storage downstairs so we could host our Movember Party... And it's stayed there. 

I did put a few decorations out... But I'm just not 'feeling it' this year... Boo! 

Do you think we could just.... post-pone Christmas? Would that be so awful? I'm happy to have family and friends over.... Enjoy the company... But do we have to do the gifts? Already we had talked to our girls about cutting back (honestly, Christmas with my family is a full day opening event).... We had them pick a few items they would like on their wish lists, we added a few and then they picked a few Charities to give to... The idea being, if it's not on the list, and you go to buy something else, look at the price tag and give that to one of the Charities. Both girls jumped on board with this, bless their giving hearts! <3 and="and" at="at" awful="awful" be="be" calgary="calgary" day="day" etc="etc" if="if" instead="instead" it="it" sigh="sigh" so="so" span="span" spend="spend" the="the" them="them" to="to" took="took" up="up" warms="warms" we="we" weather="weather" when="when" would="would" zoo="zoo">

Anyhoo.... That's what's up in our household.... I do hope life is a bit more upbeat for all of you! lol I'll take tonight to mope around and then hit the ground running tomorrow.... Until then! 

‎: What a day... Started off rough with Emma; Tyler was laid off and my cell fell screen first into gravel.... Is it bedtime yet??!!

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