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Monday, November 7, 2011

Last One?

Okay so am I the only person out there that does NOT own a PVR?? Yes, apparently I'm "old fashioned".... If I don't make it home in time for my much anticipated show, I miss it.... And hope to goodness that there's a rerun later on!

Yes, this is a pain in my butt... Especially considering how often I am away from home.... With sports almost every night of the week for my girls I actually had to plan a "Mommy Night" (Thursday's of course) in order to watch my shows. NOTHING happens this day of the week.... It's wonderful! *L*

Anyways... I just wondered if I was the only person around that doesn't have this magical PVR thing.... *L* ;P

1 comment:

Heather said...

weird. it won't let me comment as me without signing up for blogger. lame.

anyway, my comment was that i don't have a pvr. but we also don't have cable. we watch all our shows online or on netflix (which i guess is still online, technically). it's amazing what you can watch on the channel's websites, albeit the day after.