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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbye Wisdom....


After years of up and down through my gums, causing the dreaded cankers every time (that would last weeks), making my neck lymph nodes swell up every time (as if I was sick) and sore to eat.... Extra Strength Advil may take a hit in the Stocks since I had these taken out last Friday! *L*

Thank goodness!

2 of 4 were removed after a couple of cute pink pills that calmed my nerves. After an hour wait (for the pills to kick in) within 5-10 minutes these suckers were ripped out of me and I was ready to go! Honestly, the worst part of the whole thing was that my reaction to the pills was my temperature dropping.... So a blanket was needed to warm me up to cut on the shivering before the procedure (could you imagine??! Yikes!)...

Afterwards Tyler and I went for a yummy lunch (butternut squash ravioli) and then home.... I slept while he picked up the girls from school and took them to skating and dinner.

All in all everything has gone well, recovery was nothing (just dealing with cankers where my two needles were given and where the holes are right now and my swollen lymph nodes).... But heck I'll take it! No T3's needed (which I react to anyways), no excessive bleeding (stopped on the way to lunch).... Yeah, it was awesome!

And did you look at those things?? Holes all the way down, chipped off, all around gross. Blah! *L*

So that was my weekend, how was yours??! ;)


Yo Mama said...

Ok...Ew! Those things are bigger than you are. I'm surprised they didn't protrude from the top of your head... then again, if they did you might not have been allowed into church *lol

We are SO happy it went well, but then again you are one tough gal.

P.S. Love the new blog background.

ZogLady said...


And thank you! I like this background.... I think I changed it last Christms at the Zaugg's.... *L*

Sarah said...

Omg. No offense, but ewwww!! That makes me realize how badly I need to do mine!! Lol

And yay on a speedy recovery!!

ZogLady said...

Ohhhh yeahhhh! The last month I was on Extra Strength Advil constantly.... No missing a dose! So glad to be off of that! *L*

JessLikesStuff said...

OK I guess my first comment didn't show up. So I'll try to remember what I wrote:

How did you get your wisdom teeth out without being fully sedated?! When Kevin got his out he was asleep (but they gave him the wrong dose and he woke up part way through and said it was the most painful experience of his life!). And also, how did you eat afterwards?! Kevin couldn't eat for like 3 days. I am so confused by your pain tolerance LOL!!! I'm glad all is well and that you won't be in so much constant pain any more!!!

ZogLady said...

Well my top two were already out and broken so they could have done them without any meds and just the needles.... But because of my nerves I asked to pay (a whole $40 *L*) for the pills. They calm you and if you're REALLY nervous about it you can have them give you enough to make you not remember but still be awake (Tyler had that when he got his out YEARS ago)...

My bottom two re impacted and I'll need to see a surgeon and be knocked out for those.... *L* But there's no rush on those ones nd they're not causing me constant pain.

As for the pain tolerance.... It might be higher... *L* I've dealt with Cankers my whole life which is one of the most painful things ever I think (or at least the type I get).... Ad there was such relief once those teeth were pulled!! Phew!

I think I would have been able to eat a more solid (not soft pasta) if I had been able to swallow correctly. My throat is still being picky right now... *L* But hey, I can't really complain! ;)

Ooooo poor Kevin!! We found out during my last filling that my left side of my face doesn't hold freezing.... Found out half way through.... *L*