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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chaos... Hanging by a Magnet.

THIS is my fridge....

And it's M-E-S-S-Y!

*LOL* Tonight I randomly took a moment to look up from my computer (while editing photos) to somehow see my fridge through the eyes of... well.... not me. *L*

And what did I do?

I laughed. Hard.


I mean, look at it... No REALLY look at it!

To an outsider they may only see old coupons, unorganized art work, old photos.... Chaos really.... But through MY eyes I see this:

Photos: There are photos from some of our best-friends weddings on there.... There's also photos from our wedding (that friends/family took which means even more to me), photos of a guys trip canoeing... The girls one morning when we had to drive Daddy to work for an early morning shift before we attended Church (still one of my most favorite photos of them... Honestly, it's adorable!).... Holidays, a grad picture of my "little-sis-from-another-mother".... a family photo... a photo of me from a make-up/style competiton I did for a friend while in College... a photo of Tyler and I at our Graduation.... and more photos of our girls....

(the friend's wedding ones are on the front of the fridge)

Magnets: Well yeah! *L* They're from all over.... ANNNNNND ones of my friends businesses, 'cause where else would you advertise??! *L* As well as the school holiday/pd day list (thank goodness they give us these!)... Also, my favorite from our friend Heather, "You can't scare me, I have children!"... *L* Soooo true!

Artwork: Not just scribbles on paper but lines made with love! I adore every.single.piece that my girls give to me.... Yeah I'm "that" Mom... *L*. I love having artwork on there from the whole year to see how they have progressed. Don't forget the full out ones that include gluing and such... I have a bunny from Easter time (pom poms, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, etc.)... A 3-D snowflake Emma made, etc.

Calendar: I would D-I-E without this. 6 feet away is another one on my wall in the dining area... Since this is where we all seem to gather at least twice a day, this is where I created our 'homebase'... Need to know something, check the calendar! It's color coordinated for easy access so all you need to do is check the date and see if you have your color on there... No? The you're good! Also: During the heavy months of sports I place those thinner labels on each day (in that persons color) with the sport and time (start to end)... Below you can see I finally was able to take off the last of them from skating and such.... Not placing any on for the last 8 weeks of gymnastics as we totally changed our times this session...

(Not complete.... Obviously... *L* ;P)

Random: Lotto ticket (these aren't bought that often by me so I better have won! *L*)... Old concert ticket for Michael Buble.... Spelling test marks (could make a whole 'school papers' section on here really...), spelling word lists (sight words).... Actual paper business cards (many for friends businesses).... Those word story magnets (we have the love version.... You should see what I found on there one day that Emma had made up... *L*)... School/Class newsletters... Paper clipping... Medical forms for appointments 7 months in the future (and if you lose the paper, I believe all hell breaks loose! Ack!)... Skating Test Day mark sheet!

Top of the fridge: DVD's (actually just a few of the cases I think.... Huh)... Nightlight that no longer works I believe... Candles (never know when the power will go out).... Tyler's paper from the gun range (excellent shot he is!)... gel for the fondue things... Tide to go stick (you never know! The kitchen seems like the perfect place for it, think about it!)... Sock Monkey (yes, you read that correctly... *L*)... Slinky (What? Don't judge me! *L*), kids dress up high heel (yeah, no clue on that one.... And it's pretty small for my kids feet, must have been up there for awhile... *L*), and a gift that I forgot to give to Kaylin at Christmas... Gah!

Hidden side of the fridge: Oh yes, I use ALL sides that I can of the fridge... I know, I agree... It's amazing this thing still wants to work for me! *L* On this side I have a Christmas themed magnet from one of my Sister Missionaries (she gave it to us when she visited here again) that comes out when it's the correct season.... Phone number lists... Swimming report cards (so I don't lose them as we take these classes randomly sometimes... *L*)... Another mini calendar that I use (rarely) to track what meals we'll be having for the month.... A Ziplock with the rest of those love story words....

I don't know that I could ever own a fridge where I could NOT have things stuck to it... It's part of our 'homebase' here.... It's a member of the family now! *L*

Yup.... That's my fridge! *L* Now I challenge you... Go stand in front of your fridge and look at it from an outsiders eyes.... Then start seeing it through your eyes.... What do you see??!

1 comment:

Apple Box Boutique Inc. said...

I think we have the same fridge *lol xoxo It is command central and a reminder that when people are as busy as we make ourselves, there is always the refrigerator whiteboard to write "I Love You" on.