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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twitter, Twitter!

As for right now I've put a status freeze on FB.

And then I remembered I had Twitter.... From A-G-E-S ago.

I signed on (thankful to remember my password, etc.) only to see that my last twitter update was March 1, 2008!!!

Ah Ha Ha Ha.... WOW!

So I'm thinking I'll use it for a bit.

If, for ANY reason, I offend you, insult you, hurt you, annoy you or anyone you may be connected to... etc. (you get the point) by using my twitter.... Please let me know (kindly, I'm not actually out to hurt any one's feelings!)...

As of now though my FB status is: . And as much as I want to agree with my ancy fingers, I will leave it that way.

And update my twitter instead! *L*


Rebecca Talley said...

Twitter is fun, but I'm still such a techno-nerd I can't figure all of it out. I have no idea how to find people to follow them.

Anonymous said...

boo... twitter creeps me out...