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Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Morning.... So far...

It's 6:11am...

Tyler woke me up just before he left for work this morning and asked if I wanted to see....

...the bunny that he tells me about every day.

Well of course I do! I've seen photos of this sucker and he's adorable! It's amazing that bunnies come that small! *L*

So we head downstairs and look out our back windows to see an adorable little bunny munching on what little grass we have grown in the back part of our yard... *L*

He's soooo cute!

When Tyler was ready to head to his car I watched the bunny to see what it would do.... Once the door was opened he paused then ran and hid under our deck when he heard Tyler walking... Geeee!

Tyler has seen this bunny most mornings when he heads to work....

I think it's a wonderful way to start your day off!

(Tyler has photos of the bunny on his cell, I'll try to snag one tonight)


Ashley Dawn said...

sounds like a great wake-up call!!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Awww you have a little bunny that visits?! Downside to living downtown is that the closest we get to that is dirty raccoons :(.

Please do post the photo off Tyler's cell! I love bunnies!! They're like puppies that don't bark :).